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Lucid Dreaming and Its Possible Benefits

March 8, 2011 on 9:24 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Lucid dreaming is when a person becomes fully aware they are dreaming during an actual dream. This is a well documented and scientifically proven phenomenon and many years of scientific research has gone into investigating why this occurs, how this occurs, and what are the benefits, if any, of lucidity while dreaming. Two types of this phenomenon have been documented and identified – Dream Initiated and Wake Initiated.

Dream Initiated is when a person falls asleep, enters a dream, and then realizes they are dreaming during the dream itself. Dream Initiated lucidity could be triggered by the person noticing something out of the ordinary, or by witnessing something that is not normally humanly possible. Wake Initiated is when a person falls asleep and enters the dream state so quickly that there is no change of consciousness and the person enters the dream already knowing they are dreaming.

During lucid dreaming, a person is not necessarily in control of the events taking place. Some are only spectators and are able to simply watch the proceedings. Others are able to actually make choices and control their own actions. Sometimes they are able to create entire worlds of their own to manage and in which to participate.

Many experts believe there are many benefits to being able to become conscious while dreaming and being able to control your dreams. Scientists who study dreams say it is beneficial to treating nightmares. They also assert that it is a safe way to live out your fantasies, or to simply have an adventure that you cannot enjoy in the waking world. Others claim that it is a perfect way to become inspired and creative, to problem solve, and to even heal you of some deep emotional or psychological trauma.

Experts also agree there are three ways this state can occur: naturally, spontaneously, or learned. Of course, naturally means that you are able to become lucid without any effort and you are able to do it as often as you like. Spontaneously means that it only happens periodically and you have no control over it. Learned is a method used for those that do not obtain lucidity naturally or otherwise, but put in effort and concentration to achieve lucidity.

Lucid dreaming is a unique talent. It is something that can be learned in time and with concentration and effort. It has gained scientific credence with the science of dream study.

By most expert accounts, it is perfectly harmless and can even help in eliminating nightmares and emotional stress. Historically, religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism have documented accounts of this type of dream state and they often label it as an alternative form of consciousness to be revered.

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