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Lucid Dreaming Can Help Reduce Nightmares

May 29, 2013 on 7:06 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

When a person sleeps, images and story lines appear inside the mind through dreams. In normal cases, a person has no control over the situations in the dream state, especially if he is in deep sleep. In some interesting cases, however, lucid dreaming happens. This is when a person, who is fast asleep and currently dreaming, is aware that he is in a dream. Hence, he is able to respond to the dreamy situation with awareness and to some extent able to control the dream scenario.

How A Lucid Dream Begins

Through the many reported cases collected over time, lucid dreaming has been categorized in two ways depending upon how it is initiated. Lucid dreams can be dream-initiated or wake-initiated.

A dream-initiated lucid dream begins as an ordinary dream. In the middle of the sleep state, the dreamer would eventually become aware that he is actually dreaming at the moment. Upon becoming aware, he is then able to respond to the imaginary environment he is in making the dream more real and vivid from his standpoint.

On the other hand, a wake-initiated lucid dream happens when the person who is awake at the moment directly enters the dream state without losing consciousness. In this scenario, he is able to maintain awareness from being awake to falling asleep.

Without any lapse in consciousness, he is able to respond to the dream environment. Unlike the waking state where he has limited control over the real environment, his sleep state in a lucid dream enables him to manipulate the imaginary experiences

A Treatment For Nightmares

One benefit arising from being able to dream lucidly is treating nightmares. Serious cases of nightmares can cause the mind to respond with strongly negative emotions. Hence, recurring nightmares, if left untreated, can result in lack of sleep as well as cause a feeling of great sadness or fear.

Scientific studies reveal that training the person to enter lucid dreams reduced the number of recurring nightmares. The treatment begins by introducing the patient to the idea of becoming aware in the sleep state. Then, he is given instructions on how to perform the technique. Finally, the treatment process concludes by actually performing the lucidity exercises.

Improved Creativity And Problem Solving Skills

The mind is a very powerful part of the human body, and unlocking its powers through lucid dreaming gives the dreamer the creative potential he may need to deal with the real world. Studies revealed that scenarios occurring in dreams are significantly more creative than those scenarios created in the mind through daydreaming and other consciously awake activities.

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