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Lucid Dreaming Doubters (BYB)

January 20, 2008 on 4:01 pm | In Dreamwork, Lucid Dreams | No Comments

There seem to be some people who do not believe that lucid dreaming exists—or could exist—despite thousands of years of recorded experiences of other people in various cultures, including ours.

I guess that should not surprise us. European and American cultures have denigrated dreams, inspiration, and thinking for oneself for a couple of millenia at least.

Lucid dreaming got lost in the general repression of metaphysics and the supernatural, I guess. Oh, people still had lucid dreams, but they didn’t dare talk about them, much less teach others how to have them.

Elsewhere in the world some of the most populous nations have also done their best to squelch metaphysical knowledge and thinking for the last few generations, including the wealth of traditional knowledge about dreaming. Not everyone accepted the party line, but many, perhaps most, did.

Still, it always amazes me that people trust dogma over actual experiences of others, even scientifically documented experiences. Sometimes they even trust dogma over their own experience. That just mystifies me.

So I’m especially grateful for the adventurous souls who are willing to consider new ideas, try new experiences, and make up their own minds. (I think dreaming can be a great adventure!)

There’s a great quote from the (historical) Buddha about trusting one’s own experience. He didn’t want people to have faith in him or his teachings. He wanted people to try out the teachings (if interested) and make up their own minds about them. Sounds healthy to me.

So, thanks for stopping by and sampling the ideas, research, and traditional lore about dreaming. Thanks for commenting, yay or nay. What matters is not that you agree, but that you give some real thought to the topic at hand—dreams and how you can work with them.

In fact, plenty of you do just that. This blog has, so far, even more comments than posts. And for that I feel truly blessed.

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