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Lucid Dreaming Frequently Asked Questions

February 19, 2011 on 11:57 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

A lot of people are aware of the power of lucid dreaming which is the ability to control your dreams. However, many people do not act on it or believe that it is non-sense. Lucid dreaming is by far, one of the most fun skills you can learn. It will make you look forward to going to bed and will allow you to enjoy your sleep so much more. For those of you having trouble with lucid dreaming or would like to know more about it, here are some frequently asked questions that I hear a lot.

Does everyone have the ability to lucid dream?

Yes, every human has the capability to lucid dream. If you can dream, you can lucid dream. Those who think it’s not possible just haven’t put in enough practice or aren’t implementing the right habits. Remember, a dream is lucid once you recognize that you are dreaming and you can control it.

How do I know if I am lucid dreaming?

You will know you are lucid dreaming once you are aware you are dreaming and you can control how your dream goes. You will be able choose what you want to do in your dreams and have experiences that are very life like and realistic.

How will I be able to distinguish if my dream is real or not?

This is the most important part of becoming lucid. Some people have greater recognition of what is real and what’s not in their dreams than others. Everyone has varying degrees of reality awareness and the more aware you become, the more control you will have over your dreams. It helps to come up with cues that you can look for in your dream that will help you distinguish your dream from reality. This includes anything from being able to fly, to recognizing that your room has different wallpaper. Any hint will due and having continuing hints will help you have the best control. Get used to questioning your surroundings and if you are dreaming.

I often have a hard time recalling my dreams. Is there a certain technique I should be doing?

Yes, there are certain techniques and habits that will optimize your dream recall. One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to recall their dream is either waiting too long after they wake up or waking up too abruptly without trying to recall their dream while in bed. By this, I mean that the best way to recall your dream is to remain in bed as you begin to wake, keeping your eyes closed, and assuming the position that you were sleeping in. From here, you should attempt to recall everything you can and then right it in a dream journal which you should keep by your bed. By recalling your dream in the state of which you were dreaming, you have a better chance of recalling more details and specifics. Immediately after, write down everything you remember and your dream journal and label the dates.

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