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Lucid Dreaming Supplement with Lucid Dream Instructional E-Handbook

September 11, 2012 on 1:32 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments
Lucid Dreams nutritional supplement to promote lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreams nutritional supplement to promote lucid dreaming

“Lucid Dreams” is a Higher Level Nutritionals flagship supplement, used to promote the induction of lucid dreams. It is supposedly a potent combination of many ingredients known to positively effect sleep and dreams.

“Lucid Dreams” is said to aid in increasing serotonin and Acetyl-choline levels and puts one into a deep-sleep faster and a non-REM sleep, which produces a REM rebound effect later on in the night or early morning in which dreams are usually much more vivid and longer with more mental clarity and easier waking recollection. The combination of these ingredients is a great platform for increasing the likelihood of Lucid Dreaming.

It is well understood and well known that certain vitamins and herbs can positively affect dream’s vividness, reflected self awareness, meaning, clarity, duration and recollection through nueromodulation of particular dream related nuerochemicals which can greatly increase the odds of Lucid Dreaming!

The Lucid Dreaming Instruction E-handbook is a quick summary of the huge arsenal of information that is the lucid dreaming community. It is free with any supplement or herb purchase. The Book is written to be very easy to grasp (as much as learning to Lucid Dream can be!) even though it’s very condensed and to the point.

The program claims to have had a very high success rate in beta-testing for promoting Lucid Dreams, with even the most stubborn readers achieving some level of success. The book leaves out repetitive information and reads more like a book than a dictionary with personal commentary on Lucid Dreaming to help “drive home” each section at hand.

The book is a must-read guide to any herbal or vitamin supplementation taken for Lucid Dreaming. One can see results from either separately, but nowhere near as fast or comprehensive as using both in conjunction with each other. (Arrives as PDF attachment with purchase).

  • Helps Promote Sound Sleep and Aids In Obtaining Dreams and Dream Lucidity. Special price on amazon!
  • Comes with Free Lucid Dreaming Instructional E-Handbook with purchase
  • Helps to also promote health and good sleep with the special blend of 13 ingredients.
  • Lucid Dreaming is not easy to achieve for most, Even seasoned lucid dreamers can’t lucid dream every night. Get an edge on Lucid dreaming with HLN’s “Lucid Dreams”
  • All Over The NEWS! Mens Health, NY Times, Cosmo, Oprah, NBC, Upcoming Movies and Series, Best Sellers – Lucid Dreaming is finally gaining the credibility it deserves!

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