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Lucid Dreaming Supplements

July 14, 2011 on 5:09 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are in a state of dream. If you want to acquire this skill, you need to sacrifice and dedicate yourself to the techniques and methodology of lucid dreaming. The person must keep on mastering lucid dreaming techniques and there are also gadgets and items that can help. Others want a quick way to achieve lucidity so they use prolonged meditations, intense dream incubations, and use of lucid dreaming supplements.

This is the latest trend in lucid dreaming, the prescribed use of lucid dreaming supplements to increase dream recall and trigger more dreams when you are already aware that you are in that particular state. Lucid dreaming supplements, which include herbs, enzymes and Flintstone vitamins, may be promising but according to lucid dreamers, if not taken with the traditional forms of lucid dreaming incubation, it’s worthless and at times harmful. The lucid dreaming supplements should be incorporated as a part of ongoing lucid dreaming techniques and training.

Here are the most common lucid dreaming supplements, also known as oneirogens. The ¡°dream herb,¡± or Calea zacatechichi is a lucid dreaming supplement that can be found in Oaxaca, Mexico. This herb has been used by Chontal shaman as a cure-all for centuries. It heightens the vividness of the images on the non-REM periods. This plant¡¯s effect if ingested is the decrease of deep slow wave sleep and REM periods. Some people have allergic reaction to this and some even report leg cramping.

Another lucid dreaming supplement that should be mentioned is Mugwort. This herb is used to remember dreams. It has a long European history as a midwife herb due to its ability to stimulate blood circulation.

Silene Capsensis is South Africa¡¯s contribution to the commerce of lucid dreaming supplements. The Xhosa people have used it during initiation rites. Women would take the root and report their dreams.

An amino acid that enhances the expression of REM sleep is the lucid dreaming supplement called Choline. It is used as a lecithin supplement and can be found in usual foods such as bananas, onions, soybeans and potatoes. It aids in dream recall and even prolonging them.

The lucid dreaming pill, Galantamine is an alkaloid synthesized from plants that include red spider lily and daffodil bulbs. This lucid dreaming supplement increase lucidity by promoting a neurotransmitter, acetycholine.

It is wise to know that you should exercise caution with lucid dreaming supplements to yield positive results.

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