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Lucid Dreaming: The Power Of Scripting Our Dreams

March 26, 2011 on 3:46 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Dreaming is a phenomenon that all of us experience. However, more often than not we are left intrigued about why we dream certain things and why usually there are unconnected fragments in the dreams – like some badly edited movie! Very often we are left totally terrified and suddenly wake up to realize that it was just a dream – yet the fear and discomforts are real. That is the terrible reality of dreams – they are not real, but the way we experience them is very real.

Yes, we can take control of our dreams!

When we are repeatedly faced with scary dreams, we often wonder if there is a way to change the course of what we dream. Can we really have the capacity to influence or re-script our dreams? If you belong to the group who thinks that it is difficult –you are wrong. Yes, it is quite possible to dream what you would like to and want to know how – just read on.
The brain controls all states of our mind – whether we are dreaming and sleeping or alert and awake. And the brain in turn is controlled by different frequencies depending upon what state we are in. Are there certain frequencies of brainwaves associated with dreaming or rather lucid dreaming that is even more interesting? The theta brainwaves (4-7 Hz) dominate the brain when we are capable of dreaming and the delta waves (<4 Hz) prevail when we are fast asleep. When we are active and waking our brain will be dominated by alpha waves (7-13 Hz).

Getting lucid

When you fall asleep you go into the delta stage where brainwaves are of very low frequency. After a couple of hours you find yourself in REM phase of sleep where most dreaming occurs and you go into the theta stage. So, now how can you make these dreams lucid? The answer lies in tapping the alpha frequencies where you are awake and conscious and then falling back to the dream stage of theta waves. If you stay too long in the alpha stage, you will come out of dreaming and become fully awake. After a quick trip to alpha you are now in a state where you are dreaming but are also partially awake! 
This is what lucid dreaming is all about. You are dreaming but with the awareness that it is just a dream. This awareness is empowering – it puts you in control of the whole activity. You can use this knowledge to stand up to the monsters and life endangering situations of the dream because you “know” that they can’t harm you. This is exactly how you can drive away nightmares forever. Now you can write the scripts of all your dreams rather than being a passive or powerless non-entity.

Binaural beat recordings for lucid dreaming

You can learn to be aware by using various tricks that are commonly prescribed but they take a much longer time. A quicker, easier, yet effective way is to listen to the music embedded with binaural beats that are specifically designed for lucid dreaming. Brainwaves technology has made your task mush simpler than you can possibly imagine.

I am a researcher and writer particularly interested in meditation, mind, spirituality, and self-help topics. You can gain access to a wide variety of high quality binaural beat music by visiting mind-awakeing-techniques and explore the mind your awareness blog to learn about different dimensions of mental awareness.
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