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Lucid Dreaming Tips

August 22, 2011 on 3:52 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Lucid dreaming happens when you are aware that you are in a dream state. You may experience lucid dreaming from time to time but if you want to have a regular occurrence of this skill, it would take a lot of practice and dedication to achieve it.

Once you have successfully having lucid dreams, then you can start altering certain factors and environments that are suitable for you. There are limitless possibilities once you can control your dreams, flying, visiting exotic places, the sky???¨º?¨¨s the limit since there would be no laws of Physics to adhere to and no social constraints to bind you. If you are a beginner, here are some effective lucid dreaming tips to help you start.

The first lucid dreaming tip that lucid dreamer share is to prepare yourself mentally. You should review your belief system and exterminate any fear you have of lucid dreaming. You should develop a positive mental attitude and should not do this half-heartedly.

The other lucid dreaming tips to follow may be not your usual run of the mill guide but it is otherwise proven effective. Your mind should always be clear and relax at all times so to avoid distraction stay away from television. Try to prepare yourself by drinking milk or eating a few almonds. You should also avoid caffeinated drinks because they have a tendency to keep you in a light sleep stage.

The next lucid dreaming tip is making sure that your sleeping area is conducive for lucid dreaming. A heat pack containing some herbs such as lavender or chamomile can be placed over your eyes. Sprinkle some meditative oils like sandalwood, tangerine, black pepper and juniper, under your pillow. All of these would help you relax your senses and would help you reach a calm and meditative state.

One lucid dreaming tip that you should follow is to play MP3s containing binaural, monaural and Isochronic beats while trying to sleep since this would help you achieve lucidity. Keep a dream journal beside you so you can jot down your dreams, the feelings and sensations that go with it. Re-live your dreams even if you are awake so that the conscious state would suggest this to your subconscious mind and when you have the dream again, you will realize that it is just a dream and you can control the outcome.

You would be lucid dreaming in no time if you keep on doing the following lucid dreaming tips.

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