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Lucid Dreams Without Drugs

February 8, 2011 on 1:06 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Dreams and their occurrences have always been like a mystery to most until recently when there are proposed theories that explain the actual reason behind them. But in this regard lucid dreaming is a bit different phenomenon since in it we can control our activities and the places we tread or fall upon. In lucid dreaming we know in fact dreaming but still we can deal as if in real life. We can be decisive in it, even say whatever we want to say and do things to control the happenings in the dream.

The experiences in lucid dreaming have endless possibilities. There are no barb wires to restrict an individual and hence we can dream what we want to. We may experience an adventurous trip or be on a fantasy island. Whatever or wherever we want to be can be made possible in lucid dreaming.

While normal dreams may make you feel that you are not in control, when lucid dreaming, you are in the controller’s chair. At times lucid dreams can be so life like that you need to check whether it’s a dream or the real world!

One simple test is to try reading something. In a dream the words you see will keep changing, making it impossible to read properly. This is a sure sign that you really are having a lucid dream.

Lucid dreams can bring your deepest desires to life. What you can’t do in real life you can do it in your dream. If there is someone you fancy and they are unattainable for some reason in real life, you can be with that person in your dream. In your lucid dream that person can be completely yours and even kiss you and be with you.

In a lucid dream, you can change the outcome if you don’t like how the dream is heading. If you imagine you are with your loved one that has passed, you might dream that they are still alive because you were able to get to them to warn them of their upcoming demise, for example. Controlling your dream for the desired outcome is part of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreams are very much possible. The body needs to revive itself for the next day by sleeping and resting.

However the mind can still be conscious while your body drifts off to sleep.

Dreaming lucid dreams needs a lot of techniques and learning. All you need is some practice, patience and a lot of imagination.

By jotting down notes as soon as you awake that describe the lucid dream, you will be better able to learn to recall scenes and characters from your dreams.

You don’t need to fret if you can’t remember every teeny detail. With this technique, it’s a matter of time when you will have the same dream again and then you can further add details to your observations. Soon, you will have a dream guide reference of your own with this practice.

Lucid dreams can be a great source of inspiration for writers. For your next book you can direct the plot and even control the settings and the characters. You can create the ending as you like as well. With lucid dreams you can enhance your imagination and give a vent to your desires. Lucid dreams can also help you to realize your ambitions.

Another trick to learn lucid dreaming is by going back to the place where we got awake from the dream. This will help in recalling a dream repeatedly and is a good practice while we are trying to learn.

There are people who use lucid dreams in the early hours of the morning when they wake up before their actual time. It feels as if you have been thinking and working plans but in reality it was a lucid dream.

How easy lucid dreaming is to do is something that surprises many people. Others may use self-hypnosis to recall lucid dreams if they can’t seem to remember their dreams when they awake.

A recent development in sound technology can open the possibility for lucid dreaming to be possible. By stimulating certain areas of the brain, it has been proven to induce the dream state that is entered during lucid dreaming and can make it easier for you to recall your dreams. Explore the phenomena of lucid dreaming by visiting the popular http://www.luciddreaminginfo.com website. Find out dreams lucid dream for yourself and discover secrets of how how to lucid instantly when you visit here and get your FREE Lucid Dreaming DVD Package.
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