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Lucid Living Lucid Dreaming – A Personal Journey

July 12, 2013 on 1:52 pm | In Dream Books, Dreamers, Dreamwork, Interpreting Dreams, Lucid Dreams | 1 Comment
Lucid Living, Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Living, Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Living Lucid Dreaming is a book of dreams and how they have transformed, and continue positively influencing, my waking reality. The dreams themselves naturally showcase methods and approaches I have personally found effective for achieving, deepening and prolonging lucid dreams.

I also include Dream Notes in the hope others might find them helpful for the fascinating creative practice of understanding and living with our dreams.

As a novelist, I relish describing dreams in a way that does as much justice as possible to their story like quality, their drama, suspense, mystery and even romance. In general, dream accounts tend to be rather dry and fail to capture the emotionally engaging magic of our nocturnal adventures.

It’s never too late to begin giving our dreams all the attention and appreciation they deserve. We remain who we are when we travel, whether in waking reality or in dreams, from which we return every morning with subconscious souvenirs that become part of our life and directly affect it.

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