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More Frequently Asked Questions About Lucid Dreaming

February 15, 2011 on 5:03 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Here is an additional list of questions I came up with regarding lucid dreaming. Remember, when it comes to lucid dreaming, practice makes perfect. Just like any other skill, becoming an expert at lucid dreaming requires habitual learning and implementation. So, go over my frequently asked questions and read as much as you can about lucid dreaming so you can start your lucid dreaming adventures tonight.

Is there a certain position I should assume when trying to lucid dream?

Yes. As I mentioned in my last frequently asked questions article, you need to keep your body comfortably still. When trying to become lucid, it is best to sleep on your back. This will allow you to execute some good breathing techniques and help you relax. You want to avoid tossing and turning as well as sleeping on your side (initially). Wearing comfortable clothing will help you stay in a comfortable lying position so make sure that your body temperature is suitable for you to fall asleep easily.

Can lucid dreaming be dangerous and will I have nightmares?

This is a common misconception people make who are not experienced lucid dreamers. Anyone who knows how to lucid dream or is an expert at the topic will tell you that there is nothing to be scared of as you must remember that you control your dream. So, as long as you recognize that your dream is only a dream, then you will not have any problems. In fact, lucid dreaming is actually used to effectively to stop people from having nightmares. Regular dreams can fool you into thinking that your nightmare is a reality, but if you are lucid, you will recognize that it is just your imagination and nothing else.

What are some things I should do if I have trouble going to sleep?

The most common mistake I see people making before they go to bed is being exposed to bright lights. It is important to stay away from any computer, television, or any device with a screen since the light omitted from it will keep you awake. This is why we sleep at night in the dark and are awake in the day. It has to do with our melatonin levels. If you are in a dark room all day, you will most likely feel more tired, but if you are in the sun during the day, you will feel awake. In other words, it is best to get sunlight during the day, and then dim the lights at night. This will bring your melatonin to suitable levels for falling asleep. Also, remember to do deep and slow breathing out of your abdomen and make sure you’re comfortable.

What can I do to improve my lucid dreaming experience?

My advice would be to really take advantage of a keeping a dream journal. Keep your journal right next to your bed and when you wake up write down your dreams in as much detail as possible. Make sure you keep track of the date so when you can look back if you’d like. When you have time, go through your journal and analyze your dreams. Compare your dreams to what you were feeling at the time and with what is going on in your life. If you get more involved in your dreams, you will become more aware of your dreams and will most likely have much better dreams because of it.

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