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How to Recognize Lucid Dreams

March 11, 2012 on 5:29 pm | In Lucid Dreams | 3 Comments

Here are some ways to tell whether or not a dream was lucid.

It probably was a lucid dream if, during the dream, you

  • Made a reality check to see if it was a dream.
  • Told other dream characters that you were dreaming.
  • Attempted to stabilize or control the dream.
  • Tried to fly, walk through walls or mirrors, or other normally impossible feats after realizing that you were dreaming.
  • Woke up as soon as you realized it was a dream.

It probably was not a lucid dream if you

  • Have a hard time remembering what happened after you thought you were having a lucid dream.
  • Dreamed that you were dreaming.
  • Treated odd dream characters or deceased people as if they were normal in the dream.
  • Did not notice weird objects or events as illogical during the dream.

If, however, you were able to deliberately change the course of the dream while dreaming, because you knew that you were in control of the dream, then it was almost certainly lucid. That includes doing superhuman things (like walking through walls) because you know you are dreaming.

If you have had lucid dreams, please tell us about them.

If you are able to do lucid dreaming deliberately, will you tell us what method you use?


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