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Self Awareness 72 Dreaming

February 9, 2014 on 11:22 am | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments
Self Awareness Course 72 – Dreaming
(Transcribed from the YouTube Mini Series)While you sleep, your subconscious mind is very active and you call that dreaming. And sometimes the dreams are very lucid, sometimes are very abstract, sometimes you don’t remember your dreams but if you get in a habit of observing what you’re dreaming and trying to remember your dreams when you wake up, you will begin to remember more.

You will begin to learn a lot about yourself by observing your dreams, including what’s going on in your subconscious, and this will teach you something about your own mind.

So as you become more conscious of your own consciousness, part of what you want to become conscious of is what’s going on in your sub-conscious. And that’s where your dreams can help you. So I wanted to invite you to keep a dream journal and when you’re going to bed at night. Ask your subconscious mind to provide whatever information you need to see and ask that part of yourself to reveal itself, in other words.

And it usually comes out in terms of abstract images and pictures that are in your dreams. So if you keep some paper and a pen, next or another way to record information, it could be voice recording but next to your bed. And just write down, maybe an hour before you normally do, just set an alarm and that’s probably when you’re in your deepest state of dreaming. And just write down very briefly what images, what sounds, what feelings, what ideas, just maybe half a dozen things.

So later on you can go then back to sleep and later on you can go back to those images and think about what they mean kind of fill in the blanks later. It’ll be easier to remember your dream if you write down some of the cues and the clues to what those dreams mean.

By looking at the images and like pieces of the puzzle, it’ll all start coming together after you recorded a number of dreams you’ll start to see what your mind is doing. And that will give you the clarity you need to how to clear your head and bring joy, love and peace into your own mind.

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http://www.SelfAwareness.com Steven S. Sadleir is director of the Self Awareness Institute, meditation Master from two lineages in India, including Shaktipat and Kundalini, host of Enlightenment Radio, and best-selling author, including “Looking for God” a compendium of all the religions and spiritual paths of the world, all dedicated to spiritual enlightenment.
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