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The Shocking Truth About How To Lucid Dream Quickly And Easily!

January 19, 2011 on 6:43 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

Usually it’s during dream consulting with a client that the subject Lucid Dreaming comes up. Some folks wonder how to quickly have a lucid dream, others are just more confused by the concept of lucid dreaming. But if you’re really interested, there are a few secret strategies that will help you have a lucid dream in s little as seven days.

One of the great things about Lucid Dreaming is that you can get inside your dream and have a great time! Everything is possible, and the best part is that you can’t get hurt! Basically when you have a lucid dream, you have a conscious awareness that you are dreaming and can enter into the dream whenever you want. Since you are ‘conscious’ you should be able to remember all the fun you had.

When you have a lucid dream, it allows you to do almost anything you want. You can fly without a plane; have sexual encounters with the person of your choice; become the life of the party or whatever you want! And yes, with practice, anyone can learn how to have a lucid dream and begin to become a part of the dream world.

There are a few things that need to happen when you go to bed before you can have a lucid dream. First, your subconscious mind takes over as you start to think about what happened during the day. According to the book on Directed Dreaming, this is the best time to resolve important issues of the day. And then you’ll begin to think and daydream about things you would like to do, but probably will never get to. Then, when sleep actually sets in, it’s time to have a lucid dream Usually at first you’re not aware that you are dreaming. But as you practice remembering your dreams, they will become more familiar. Then it becomes easier to have a lucid dream and start participating in it. Remembering your dreams is one step to being able to have a lucid dream. This isn’t easy to do at first because the part of the subconscious mind that dreams has no memory. That’s why you need to try to remember your dreams when you are just waking up – or you won’t remember them at all.

Another lucid dreaming technique is to try to have a lucid dream when you’re not so tired. If you work a normal week schedule, your best bet for a successful lucid dream would be early Sunday morning. Being less tired will result longer dreams, and you will have more control over what happens in the lucid dream. Also, the last sleep cycle before you wake up in the morning is the longest DREAM cycle, so it’s the best time to have a lucid dream for two reasons!

Evelyn Grazini is the Author of Directed Dreaming, Success From the Subconscious. Her specialty is Self-Help information including How to Have A Lucid Dream, and Brain Entrainment. Her writings effectively condense volumes of professional research into one succinct resource. Free Lucid Dream Reports at: www.Have-A-Lucid-Dream.com
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