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Tips and Techniques for Dream Interpretation and Lucid Dreaming

May 4, 2013 on 8:41 pm | In Lucid Dreams | 1 Comment

There are those that wake us up and leave us breathless. There are also those that are cut in the middle or when the climax is just coming. There are dreams that are lucid dreams or those which are easy to comprehend. However, there are also those which are unclear that oftentimes leave us asking questions.

In such instances, people normally want to understand what the dream is trying to tell. We are often into dream interpretation to have an idea of the message that it wants to send across. And the only most helpful way to do this is to go through a dream interpretation with a psychic.

Dream interpretation is when a psychic or a medium tries to understand what the dream is all about. However, there are also simple steps that will help one interpret his own dream. Here are some techniques to observe.

1 .Try to complete the dream. It is very normal for dreams to remain hanging. They are usually unfinished and difficult to decipher. So one can try to complete this by thinking what he or she would possibly do if this was finished.

2. Give the dream a name. This would be a lot like the “guess the name” game. Based on what was seen in the dream, a name may be drawn.

3. Associate terms and ideas. This is very important. The dreamer must try to associate names to the objects seen in the dream. For example, if the apple constantly appeared, a name that may be associated to this is a snake.

4. Associate an emotion. For example, one dreams of taking a test despite having graduated from college a few years ago already. The dreamer must try to feel if he or she is currently going through a test, a temptation.

5. Who is the center of the dream? It is important to know who the center of the dream is. If it is just oneself, then there is no need to involve other people. However, if it involves another person, it may be crucial to let this person know about it.

6. See connections to previous dreams. Dreams are not always independent of each other. There are times when the dreams are connected to previous ones. In this case, if such a pattern appears, then a more rigid kind of interpretation is needed.

7. Share the dream with another person. Sometimes, looking and interpreting dreams by ourselves can be biased. By telling this to another entity, he or she may have some input and a different interpretation which may be helpful.

8.Try to see the happenings of the previous day. Oftentimes, dreams are the result of something that had happened or something that we have thought of the previous day. Try to see such events and connect the dream to it.

9.Try to use the other hand in writing down the dream. If we are right-handed, we must try to use the other hand in writing down the dream and vice versa. Since the other hand is connected to another part of the brain, a more different but worthy interpretation may be acquired.

Dreams and dream interpretation are growing more popular today. This is because even our dreams have something to tell us. These are the channels by which our subconscious tries to reach us.

Original Author: Jackson Swift Full Bio
Jackson Swift is the author of this article for Universal Psychic Guild that offers psychics services, astrology reports and online numerology readings.

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