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World Of Lucid Dreaming Scam -Experience their own dream world of virtual reality

September 13, 2013 on 5:53 pm | In Lucid Dreams | No Comments

When I was 14 years old I discovered the amazing phenomenon of lucid dreaming: the ability to wake up in your dreams and control the dream world in total clarity.

It’s a wonderful feeling – to have a high level of consciousness in the virtual reality of the dream world… There really is nothing else like it.

Ever since then, I have been able to program my brain to dream consciously – so that everything I see, hear, taste and feel in my dreams can be as REAL as waking life!

This sense of self-awareness transformed my dream world into an infinite playground. A place where I could fly across breath-taking landscapes and fulfil my wildest fantasies…

Virtually everybody already has the capacity to lucid dream. We all dream every night (unless you suffer from a particularly serious sleep disorder, mental illness, or are on mind-altering drugs). Many people are actually very good at remembering their dreams.

These are the only pre-requisites for becoming a lucid dreamer!

In the unlimited potential of a lucid dream, you can…

*Fly like Superman over breathtaking scenery like oceans, beaches and cities
*Have realistic sex with anyone you want; your crush or your favorite celebrity
* Eat delicious foods without counting calories; the texture and taste is amazing
*Travel through time to explore future civilizations or meet ancient dinosaurs
* Ask your subconscious profound questions about your innermost desires
*Explore the endless reaches of the universe and discover the meaning of life

How can you experience this incredible super-sensory state of awareness for yourself?

That’s how The Lucid Dreaming FAST TRACK came to be. It’s the extraordinary practical course which teaches anyone how to achieve full-blown consciousness in their dreams.

Through careful research and my own experiments, I’ve spent years identifying the very best methods to fast-track your lucid dream skills.

Studies show that most people can enjoy their first lucid dream within 3-21 days of practice. My goal is to rapidly advance your skills within that timeframe and see you well on your way to becoming a pro lucid dreamer, controlling your dreams on any night you choose!

To experience your own virtual reality dream world, start practicing the step-by-step techniques described in The Lucid Dreaming FAST TRACK today.

The complete package will equip you with everything you need to have lucid dreams… In fact, as the entire package is downloadable, you can get started in the next two minutes!

Remember, the entire course is produced by a real lucid dreamer with real lucid experiences and years of research. As a result, this is probably the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to lucid dreaming on the internet available today.


Original Author: Thomas Munroe Full Bio
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