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Lucidimine – Galantamine Lucid Dream Induction & Super Nootropic Supplement

November 8, 2014 on 7:33 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Galantamine is by far the most consistent lucid dreaming supplement. When combined with a proper induction program, Lucidimine will greatly increase your chances of realizing that you are in a dream.

The ONLY supplement combining Galantamine HBr with GPC and CDP choline, and l-Theanine. And as a daytime nootropic formula, Lucidimine can be a beacon of light piercing through the dark and fog.

No supplement can replace hard work and determination, and lucid dreaming requires a solid foundation of preparation, but if you need some help – this is the one. A direct stimulator of REM-sleep, Galantamine is an Acetyl-Choline-Esterase-Inhibitor with the unique quality of potentiating nicotonic receptors. Three types of choline further support various cognitive functions, and l-Theanine provides its own nootropic benefits while reducing the often-times harshness of other Galantamine products and making it easier to maintain a calm alertness.

Lucidimine directly supports the underlying mechanisms of dreaming by increasing the density of REM-sleep – making dreams more vivid and memorable. Simultaneously, Lucidimine supports the cognitive functions underlying critical thought. Heightened REM plus critical thinking are the requisite conditions for achieving lucidity.

If using Lucidimine – by Luciminal Nootropics – for lucid dream induction, it is important to have an understanding of what goes into a full lucid dream program: The Critical Question (Reality Checking), Dream Journaling, Stabilization within lucid dreams, and holding a proactive/goal-oriented frame of mind.

If using Lucidimine to support waking mental functions, remember that nootropic supplements should only SUPPLEMENT an otherwise sound and healthy lifestyle. No nootropic formula should be the backbone of your approach to chasing your dreams.

Product Features

  • 6mg of galantamine per capsule.
  • The only Galantamine with Alpha-GPC AND CDP-Choline
  • PLUS – 200mg of l-Theanine for calm focus.
  • The most advanced lucid dream supplement on the market! (Great for daytime too.)

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  1. I think I like it! 0

    Comment by Sherrie R. Miranda "Sherpeace" — November 8, 2014 #

  2. This is the only pre-made lucid dreaming pill that has acutally worked for me! 0

    Comment by Amazon Customer — November 8, 2014 #

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