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Lullaby Sleep CD, We Dream: Volume 2 – Helps You and Your Baby Fall Asleep – Perfect Baby Shower Present – Modern Instrumental Guitar Lullabies with Soothing Ocean Waves -

September 8, 2016 on 10:39 am | In Dream Types | 3 Comments



This CD of peaceful lullaby music can help soothe babies and stressed out moms into a deep sleep. It is the companion CD (Volume 2) to the Parents’ Choice award-winning, 5 star rated, We Dream CD.

Ryan Judd, a board-certified music therapist with a master’s degree in psychology, has developed these modern lullabies specifically to help bring you and your little one into a deep, restful sleep.

These instrumental guitar compositions are based on the most recent research that shows the positive effects of music on sleep. The soothing ocean waves create a womb-like sound experience and produce white noise to drown out household sounds. This music creates the rhythm of a resting heartbeat which can help you both relax, fall asleep and sleep soundly.

This CD includes:

1. Modern lullabies composed by a board certified music therapist

2. A soothing ocean track that continues throughout the entire CD so there aren’t any breaks or silence between songs.

3. All of the tracks are played at the rhythm of the resting heart rate.

If you love gentle, relaxing music and want to experience the benefits of music for sleep – order this CD right away. Plus, stock up for those baby showers!

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Product Features

  • HELPS YOU AND YOUR BABY FALL ASLEEP AND STAY ASLEEP with calming and soothing instrumental guitar music composed by a BOARD CERTIFIED MUSIC THERAPIST
  • PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT! Gift quality packaging: Each CD comes in a durable sleeve, complete with a beautiful picture of a sleeping baby. Give the gift of music!
  • COMFORTS YOUR BABY with SOOTHING OCEAN WAVES that create a womb-like sound experience and produce white noise
  • PERFECT FOR FUSSY TIMES in the car or at home! Relaxes the whole family when you need it the most.
  • 6-MONTH, NO-HASSLE GUARANTEE: If you don’t absolutely love your We Dream CD, send it back within 6 months for a full refund of your purchase price.

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  1. will totally relax you and put you to sleep

    Comment by BonBon — September 8, 2016 #

  2. Comment by Anonymous — September 8, 2016 #

  3. Comment by Anonymous — September 8, 2016 #

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