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Marketing Massage: From First Job to Dream Practice

November 30, 2012 on 7:35 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

A practical, step-by-step guide to success for massage therapists and bodyworkers, Marketing Massage distills information drawn from hundreds of interviews with massage school owners, teachers, employers, practitioners, students, and the general public that addresses the marketing needs of virtually every type of massage practitioner, from first-time job seeker to experienced therapist. For professionals starting or growing a private practice or business, this book offers a wealth of information, including the fundamental attributes, skills, and tools necessary to attract get and keep clients. From the basics of professionalism and essential marketing tools to sophisticated marketing projects geared toward a select clientele, Marketing Massage provides the knowledge necessary to start and maintain a successful career in massage and bodywork.

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2 comments on “Marketing Massage: From First Job to Dream Practice

  1. Brett Rodgers on said:

    This book is really helping me a lot! Before I bought this book I was hoping that it was written by an actual massage therapist and not just another marketing person writing another marketing book for another profession that they know nothing about. Yea! I got what I wanted! Not only is Monica Roseberry a very knowledgeable massage therapist but she also knows marketing inside and out! My business is soaring now! She has opened my eyes to how my clients think and what they really need. This is key. Now I look better, I act better, I cater better to my clients. They book more. They pay more. They refer more than ever before! If you’ve got the energy to do more massage…If you’ve got the will to provide better, nicer, more professional service to your clients…If you want to learn how to advertize and draw people in like crazy… If you want to learn how to make more money than ever before buy this book. In the book Monica gives you her email address and phone number! Blew my mind. I emailed her and to my surprise the next day she called me on the phone! How many authors would do that? I’ve seen advertising programs on the internet. El rip-offo! I think I paid like $20 for this book. Now that’s a deal. No, it’s not a miracle. You have to be a really wonderful person to have lots of clients. You have to know how to take excellent care of yourself…organic food, yoga, self massage, prayer, meditation, and whatever else you can do to stay healthy. Healing work is not easy and that’s why 95% of those that start it drop out. If you want to be in the top .5% buy this book. Pretty soon I’m going to move to a new place and start a new practice. Asheville, NC is said to be totally saturated with massage therapists. Am I worried? Yes, a bit but now that I’ve read this book I feel ten times more confident than before. I can do it and so can you. If you read this book and really do what it says to do you will be way beyond many therapists that have years of practice under thier belt. No joke! Good luck and happy healing.Brett Rodgers LMT

  2. Precious Resch on said:

    Absolutely a must have for all bodyworker students This book covered a wide area of massage, business start up, brochure, business card and all of the in-betweens. I would advise all students of massage therapy to get this book because it will not matter what modality you are about to embark into, this book will help you get there successfully.

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