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Fortunetelling and Your Dreams

January 7, 2012 on 2:05 pm | In Dream Journals, Dreaming True, Future Dreams, Message Dreams, Processing Dreams | No Comments

Is fortunetelling related to your dreams? If so, how?

As C.G. Jung wrote and taught, our subconscious mind communicates with us via dreams and dreamlike images, including artistic expressions (such as drawing our own mandalas) and dreamlike images—even just with images and words that catch our eye during the day. Really good fortunetellers, like good Jungian psychotherapists, can pick up on those images in various ways.

Some would say that a good fortuneteller reads your aura (or reads your mind or subconscious mind) just as a good therapist listens not only to what you say but also to what is implied in what you say, and do not say, and how you express it.

Others would say that the very best fortunetellers get information for you from a higher metaphysical level, what C.G. Jung referred to as the transpersonal level. That is, they may get information from the dimension in which all human consciousness is said to be connected.

Many of us are not totally aware of all that we know. We have subconscious knowledge that—for whatever reason—we do not acknowledge consciously. A good fortuneteller can really help with that.

A really superb fortuneteller can often provide uncannily accurate information that we could not possibly have known ourselves, as subsequent events may prove to us.

One thing that I seldom hear people discuss about fortunetellers is that they also receive their information, the information that they give us, as dreamlike images. One of the things that makes a good fortuneteller or psychic is the ability to interpret those dreamlike images on our behalf.

Another valuable trait of a good fortuneteller is knowing when to share such images with us directly, allowing us to get in touch with such images ourselves, providing further insight that we can draw for ourselves. So often a good reading by a professional fortuneteller continues to provide insights as events and relationships develop, and we more and more understand the dreamlike images they provide for us.

In a way, a fortuneteller dreams on behalf of their client and then shares and interprets the dream images with the client. That makes it so interesting and valuable to chat live with a psychic.

Why not give it a try? Just be sure to write down all those predictions, especially the images (visual and words and phrases) in your dream journal, so you can continue to study them for additional insights.

And be sure to stop by and leave a comment to let us know how it turns out.

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