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Moments with God Dream Journal

December 3, 2012 on 8:33 pm | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

An ancient wisdom of God is being released today. It’s a means of divine communication that we should not ignore. Even if we do not perceive it, God speaks to us in dreams and visions.

Dream explorations offer thrilling adventures and spiritual insights. As you plunge into the depths of God, you’ll discover new ideas and solutions and realize more intimately how much God loves you!

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  1. Dream Journal This dream journal provides multiple strategies for the beginning journaler and many great tips for the veteran. Each page is a bit small for writing out epic dreams, but the information included with the journal is very helpful.

    Comment by H. Lucas — December 3, 2012 #

  2. Understanding the Meaning of Dreams I find the “Moments with God Dream Journal” essential to understanding my dreams. I never realized the importance of dreams until I started listening to John Paul Jackson’s CDs, etc. (Look up Job 33: 14-16 to find out how signifant dreams can be.) The dream journal lists catagories of dreams and illustrates what to look for (like colors or the lack of them)and provides examples of diagraming your dreams. By journaling your dreams, you begin to see patterns–like reoccuring dreams or dreams with common themes. Keeping a record of dreams helps you to interpret them. I find Jackson’s dream journal so helpful that I bought one for myself, one for a friend, and I’m buying one for a family member. Dreams are like parables. This dream journal will help you discover how God uses dreams to communicate with us. If we spend one-third of our lives dreaming, imagine how much we can learn from these nighttime adventures!

    Comment by Sheryl Stinchcum "Sheryl Wright Stinchcum" — December 3, 2012 #

  3. Dream Journal Unusual but attractive cover and layout; it makes you want to dream just so you can write in it.

    Comment by Rapunzel "Paula Richards" — December 3, 2012 #

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