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More on Phantom Doorbell Dreams

November 15, 2011 on 5:37 pm | In Dream Types, Message Dreams | No Comments

This is an update on the topic of phantom doorbell dresms.

I had been waiting several days for a package from Amazon and worried about receiving it. Normally I have packages delivered to the post office, but it’s half an hour away, so I let this one be delivered at home, because I planned to be here.

It was several days late. I kept checking the front door several times a day, because the postal delivery person just tosses things on the doorstep and never rings the bell. I had checked Amazon’s tracking which said the package had finally reached my city, but I figured it would be at least another day or so before it got out to my neighborhood.

Working away on my computer in mid afternoon, I suddenly heard a very soft phantom doorbell. (My real doorbell is quite loud.) So I want to look, and there was the package.

Whatever these phantom doorbells are, I do believe their are trying to tell us something.

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