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Night Wings: A Soulful Dreaming and Writing Practice

November 7, 2013 on 5:37 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Sally Nelson helps you put on your night wings with techniques for courting and giving form to your dreams. Once you’ve done this, Nelson teaches you how to recognize personal and transpersonal themes and characters and how to develop them in your writing through visionary meditation and numerous exercises. In doing so, you foster your own growth as well as tap the source of human experience from which you can develop material that will speak to others, which is the key to success in all writing. She illustrates this exciting process with clear writing examples that will inspire you to take flight with your creative writing.

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  1. Unique Approach to Dream Journaling and Interpretation I chose this book because I was intrigued with the idea of using dreams toward other types of writing than dream journaling. While the bulk of the information about dreams in the first few chapters of the book is not new to those of us who have done years of reading, Nelson does present some of it in a unique manner. For instance, she makes a point of telling us that to effectively journal, we need to write the dream as though we were still experiencing it. I also like her recommendation of writing down just parts of dreams that you may remember even if they mean nothing or even using old dreams to start your practice. I’m looking forward to practicing writing a dream forward. Nelson has gotten me excited about combining the two things I love most – dreaming and writing. I may not have considered using my dreams this way if I hadn’t run across this book. I’ve always used my dreams as a method of meditation, but it never dawned on me to utilize them as a basis for creative writing.

    Comment by Parthena Black — November 7, 2013 #

  2. If I Say So Myself My book Night Wings is a sleeper. Right after it was published and before I could participate in “marketing” it, I was in the Tsunami in Thailand and my step-daughter was killed. In addition to the personal and collective grief I have grappled with for the last five years, I am also struck by the fact that I had pre-cognitive dreams about the Tsunami. Just as in my book I relate pre-cognitive dreams about the death of my future son-in-law caused by hurricaine Faust. Night Wings is a excellent primer for the basics of dream interpretation based on Carl Jung & it goes further by inviting the reader to take their dreams into creative writing. The recent publication of Jung’s The Red Book illustrates how Jung himself experience pre-cognitive dreams & visions that formed the foundation for his Collected Works.

    Comment by Sally Jean Nelson "Psychologist" — November 7, 2013 #

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