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Don’t Let an Arrest Spoil Your Dreams

July 8, 2013 on 1:44 pm | In Musings, Nightmares, Taking Action | No Comments

A criminal law attorney can save your freedom and protect your dreams.

It’s a lot easier to get arrested than most people realize. Wrong place. Wrong time. Nasty neighbor. Wrong answer to a question by a police officer. 

You can get caught in a speed trap while traveling or get stopped by a police officer after having just a couple of glasses of wine. You could walk out of an office building and get caught in the middle of a crime—or just a peaceful demonstration.

You could be at a party where someone is smoking pot, or where other illegal activity is taking place that you didn’t even know about. Or you could be the victim of mistaken identity, wrong address on an arrest warrant—or so many other things.

Whether you are an innocent bystander, a journalist in a tricky situation, a partier who should not have been driving, or you have actually violated a law and been caught. The answer to all these problems is to hire a really good defense lawyer.

In some states public defenders are provided. In most states a lawyer will be provided if you really can’t afford one. But if you don’t want to go to jail, you really need to hire your own Nashua Criminal Defense Attorney.

Not all defense attorneys are horribly expensive, and most will make some kind of financial arrangement. Whatever you have to do is better than going to jail.

A simple marijuana conviction, for example, could keep you from ever getting a student loan. It could also disqualify you for many jobs. Even if you got probation, a conviction could spoil your dreams for the future.

There are good criminal defense lawyers practicing in most cities. In Nashua, NH, for example, there’s attorney Tim Goulden. Do some research. Ask around. And wherever you are, hire the best attorney you can afford.

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