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Does Comfort Make for More Comforting Dreams?

May 17, 2012 on 9:46 pm | In Musings, Nightmares | No Comments

Everyone knows that worries, discomfort or spicy food can lead to scary or depressing dreams—even nightmares. But what about comfort and pleasant surroundings? Do they have the opposite effect? I think they do.

I love the comforting feel of sheepskin rugs under my toes. I bought the first one for my bedroom decades ago, and I still love them beside the bed. Summer or winter, they make me feel pampered. They create an atmosphere of casual luxury that says home and comfort like nothing else.

I even like having soft sheepskin beds for my cats. After all, if they are comfortable, they are more likely to sleep in their own bed and leave mine for me. And they do seem to like them, too.

In the icy depths of winter, sheepskin seat covers are a wonderful comfort in the car, of course. And other sheepskin products like jackets, vests and sheepskin-lined boots can be life-savers for outdoor wear.

But sheepskin rugs, slippers, and other bedroom accessories make for a comforting, nurturing atmosphere that helps me sleep better—and dream better, too, I think.

I also have a favorite reading lamp that casts a warm, pink glow throughout the room. I find that reading something pleasant before falling asleep is another way to encourage good dreams.

And you? What furnishings or accessories or bedtime practices such as yoga or soft music in your bedroom do you use to help you dream softer, gentler dreams? Leave a comment and share, to give others inspiration.

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