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How to Deal With Bad Dreams That Turn Into Nightmares

February 9, 2014 on 9:29 pm | In Nightmares | No Comments

Most people occasionally have bad dreams that they find very disturbing. Sometimes when they wake up they can remember all the details of the dream and what it is that disturbed them. At other times up they forget the dream completely, but they experience an unsettled feeling that remains with them for a long time.It’s quite natural to dream and it’s quite normal to occasionally have bad dreams.

There could be a variety of different reasons for the bad dream. The cause could be as simple as having eaten food that disagreed with you before going to bed. But when bad dreams are frequent and it the same bad dream keeps recurring, then the situation may be more serious.

Bad dreams that keep recurring and are so vivid and frightening  that you wake up feeling tense and anxious and the troubled feeling you experience continues even the next day, are more than bad dreams, they are nightmares

What Are The Causes Of Nightmares?

There are a number of conflicting opinions. Many believe that there is a relatively simple explanation and that nightmares are caused by unresolved conflicts; problems that you refused to confront and deal with adequately.

For a more scientific explanation for the cause of nightmares, one has to go back to a book published as far back as the year 1900 when Freud’s monumental work “The Interpretation of Dreams” first appeared..

According to Freud, emotions buried in the unconscious appeared in disguised form while dreaming. The dreams represented distorted fragments of the repressed memories. Very often there are common themes in nightmares.

A common theme is being chased by someone or something extremely unpleasant, even revolting. You wake up in a cold sweat, filled with dread and anxiety. Another common theme is being witness to an approaching disaster that you are powerless to control.

These repressed emotions responsible for nightmares of this nature may be due to a wide variety of reasons buried in your unconscious. If your nightmares become so frequent that you find they disturb your everyday living, and your peace of mind, then it is clear that psychological  therapy  is  called for. But in many instances it is possible for you deal with these problem yourself.

Very often nightmares are caused by unresolved conflicts that, for some reason, you were unable to deal adequately.   If you believe this may be the case, then the solution is relatively simple, the old adage: “Confront your fears” is just as applicable in this case as it is in many others.

Resolve any disputes you have that may be bothering you.  Come to terms with any situations that you find troubling. This will enable you to enjoy the peace of mind that is conducive to enjoying sound, healthy sleep every night.

The ability to enjoy a good night’s, health-giving sleep every night is something that you can learn to cultivate. There are techniques you can learn that will show you how this can be achieved.

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Original Author: Dennis Fisher Full Bio

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