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Stressful Dreams of Internet Failure Can Rob Us of Sleep

May 5, 2012 on 2:32 pm | In Dream Come True, Musings, Nightmares, Processing Dreams | No Comments

How much do your work worries affect your dreams? The effects of work-related stress can be obvious and literal, or subtle and metaphorical. To find out, you must pay attention to your dreams.

Nowadays technology, though a major aid to productivity, can also be a major source of stress. We have come to depend on technology, so we tend to get very upset if it fails—or it shows signs of malfunctioning.

A generation ago, we depended mainly just on telephones and automobiles in daily life. Some people also relied on typewriters and other machines, but most people used telephones, and so there were anxiety dreams about them. Terms such as “on hold” and “phony” were so common that many did not even notice that they had become popular because of the pervasive use of telephones.

Today almost everyone uses computers and mobile phones to access the Internet. Almost 70% of mobile phones have web access, and so the Internet has become a fact of everyday life. And for those who must use it to get business done, especially those of us who rely on our web sites for business, web technology can be a major source of stress, one that can strongly affect our dreams.

Distressing dreams caused by anxiety can cause troubled sleep that does not really rest us.  Have you ever spent the whole night in restless, shallow sleep, dreaming of  work issues? I have. You can wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed.

One way to stop those troubling anxiety dreams is to eliminate the cause of worry. For those of us who depend on the Internet for business, and who often have problems with undependable web hosting, simply switching to a reliable web host can work wonders in stopping those troubling dreams. I have had several web hosts over the years, and believe me they have caused me to lose a lot of sleep at times.

For example, why toss and turn when you can move your sites to a reliable virtual private server (VPS) that you control and manage? So no one is giving you grief about exceeding the capacity of your “unlimited hosting.” Yet the VPS is all set up for you, with exactly the software that you select, so that you can easily manage it yourself.

I run about 50 websites, so I know how distressing web hosting problems can be. Even when not in the midst of resolving a crisis, I am constantly worrying about the next hosting shutdown for whatever weird reason the hosting service comes up with next.

I’ve been looking at Dot Block, and it looks like I can get the VPS of my dreams, literally. There is even a coupon for $10 off. I think I may actually get some restful sleep soon.

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