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One Way to Work with Dreams | BYB

February 1, 2008 on 1:01 am | In Answer Dreams, Dream Types, Dreamwork | No Comments

People who work with dream journals sometimes notice that certain illnesses and injuries correspond to messages from their subconscious that they have not recognized or heeded. That is, if your subconscious mind is trying to get a message through in one way, and that fails, it may try another way—illness or injury.

Hay House publishing company was founded upon the recognition by author Louise Hay that illnesses are often symbolic ways of communicating emotional or mental issues. For example, she noticed that people who come down with severe colds often are in the midst of trying to make a difficult decision and are in need of some downtime.

Sometimes the messages are obvious, such as tennis elbow, which may be telling you to get some rest or improve your technique.

Often, though, the message is a unclear. You have a sense that an illness means something, but try as you might, you can’t figure out what that is.

That is a good time to turn to dreams. If you keep a dream journal, read back over the last couple of months to see what your dreams may have been telling you. Look for what you may have missed that could possibly relate to the illness or injury you are coping with.

Sometimes the message will just jump out at you from the pages. Other times it may require a little thought. You may have to meditate or ask for clarification.

If you have not been keeping a dream journal, or you can’t recall any dreams that seem to apply to the situation, try incubating one. That is, during the day, and before falling asleep, ask your subconscious to give you the message in a dream.

How to incubate a dream:

  1. State that the illness or injury has not conveyed the message so that you can understand it.
  2. Ask for the illness or injury to be healed immediately.
  3. State that you are open and ready for the message now and are paying attention.
  4. Ask to receive the message in a harmless and easily understandable way such as a dream.

I did that the other night, and I had a vivid dream that seemed to apply. Of course, now I have to interpret the dream. But that’s different story for another time.

At least I’m feeling better. The process does work, if you let it. Why not give it a try?

Becoming aware of the communication from our subconscious minds and how to access it is worth working on. It can save a lot of time, mistakes, illness and heartaches.

Receiving and being able to act upon information from our dreams is a valuable skill. And it is potentially available to all of us. I’d call that a blessing. Wouldn’t you?

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