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Phantom Doorbells: Still Crazy After All These Years

April 5, 2012 on 10:26 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments
Screaming Doorbell

Screaming Doorbell (Photo credit: barnoid)

A few years ago, in April 2008, I wrote about phantom doorbells and telephone dreamss, sounds heard while asleep that sound real but are really a form of dreaming. To my surprise, that post continued to get comments for several years.

I wrote a quick update post on phantom doorbells in November of 2008, but the original post continued to be the one that drew readers and comments for a few more years.

Then in November of 2011 I wrote about an extra vivid phantom doorbell dream that I had just experienced. Since then the comments have slacked off. I wonder why.

Are people no longer dreaming of phantom doorbells and telephone rings? Or is it that they now know what they are and have no need to seek out others who have had similar experiences?

Now I am back with yet another phantom doorbell update. I still hear them, but the sound has changed. Lately the phantom doorbell sound is nothing like the sound of my real doorbell. It sounds like somebody has a sense of humor. And it stlll sounds like a wake-up call.

I have not heard a phantom telephone in a long, long time. My guess is that is because there are no so many different ringtones around. It becomes hard to recognize a telephone ring, not like the olden days, when there was only one, unmistakable telephone sound.

But doorbells still all sound pretty much the same. Still crazy after all these years.

Are you sometimes awakened by the ringing of a phantom doorbell or telephone? If so, what are the circumstances, and what do you think it all means? Please leave a comment. Inquiring minds want to know.

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