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Practical Dreaming: Awakening the Power of Dreams in Your Life

November 16, 2012 on 4:40 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

PRACTICAL DREAMING is about understanding your dreams and applying them to your waking life in a very practical manner. It is a must-have for every curious reader who has wondered about the real meaning of dreams – why we have them, how to interpret them, why they are important, and how to actively use them in waking life. Psychologist and dream expert Dr. Lillie Weiss provides a straightforward, step-by-step method to help you (a) interpret, understand and direct your dreams to solve specific problems, (b) master amazingly effective tools to remember and “incubate” your dreams, (c) identify the emotional significance hidden in your dreams, (d) use your dreams to tap into new found creativity and imagination, and (e) use insights from your dreams to make real differences in your waking life. The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 discusses the uses of dreams in everyday life, the language of dreams and how to remember and incubate dreams. Part 2 goes into a detailed step-by-step fashion on how to interpret dreams, with numerous examples and an opportunity for the reader to practice. Part 3 answers some frequently asked questions about dreams such as “Why do I sometimes have the same dream over and over?”, “Why do I have nightmares and what can I do about them?” “Do dreams foretell the future?”

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  1. An excellent book for learning to understand your dreams This book is very short, very simple, but it has helped me tounderstand and enjoy my dreams better than any other dream bookI’ve read. The other books I read were more in depth and detailed and that in fact only helped to make my dreams TOO deep and TOO detailed. I almost got afraid to sleep at night because my dreams were becoming too intense! This book allows (and even insists that) YOU to define and interpret the symbols and messages in dreams and not some “expert”. And this simple technique has helped me to finally hear and understand what my unconscious is trying to show me every night.

    Comment by Cyril K. Hinds — November 16, 2012 #

  2. Practical Dreaming I read this book for school. I found it really fun to read and really helpful. I was curious about my dreams and this book was just what I wanted. It teaches you step by step how to understand your dreams and use them in your life. I really enjoyed it and recommend it – I just wish this counted for my report! (that’s for you Eadie)

    Comment by Poolywoog@aol.com — November 16, 2012 #

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