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Don’t Let a Bad Employer Spoil Your Dreams. Let an Employment Law Attorney Help.

June 13, 2013 on 5:18 pm | In Dream Come True, Future Dreams, Prophetic Dreams | No Comments

People often talk about getting that “dream job.” But most don’t mean it literally.

A man I know actually did get the job he dreamed of. While working on an offshore oil rig in freezing wet weather, he dreamed of seeing himself in a new job. In the dream it was as if he stood behind himself, recognizing himself from the back by a particular favorite casual shirt he was wearing.

Not long after that, he was offered a job where he would be trained for a new career as a printer, working indoors. He loved the job and was good at it.

Later he had another dream, where he saw himself very happy and dressed in a suit.  Shortly after, he became a highly paid printing salesman, using his expert knowledge of the printing process to make his customers’ print jobs successful. He enjoyed the work and the people. He was very happy in his new dream job.

Not all “dream jobs” work out so well. Sometimes jobs are misrepresented by recruiters. Or the company atmosphere or an individual manager turns what should be a dream job into a nightmare.

As an employee you may be cheated out of wages or benefits or unfairly fired or discriminated against. That can happen through the ignorance of company managers or HR or by an unscrupulous management team.

Both small businesses and corporations often violate labor laws, mistreat employees, violate safety and/or labor laws, or fail to pay employees the full amount owed.

What can  you do? Get help! A good lawyer who specializes in employment law can help in many ways.They can review employment contracts before you sign them preventing you from signing away your rights without realizing it.

If you feel you have been unfairly treated, consult an employment attorney to find out if your rights have been violated—or not. If you have been a victim of illegal polices or practices, an employment lawyer can advise you an your options.

If you have been unfairly accused of something or given an inaccurate, negative recommendation that could ruin your career, for example, your attorney may be able to help clear your name, prevent the bad employer from continuing to slander you, and perhaps even get compensation for you for the damage to your career.

There are employment attorneys in most American cities. For example, if you’ve been burned by a Silicon Valley firm, you can find a San Francisco employment law attorney to help sort things out and get your life moving again toward achieving your dreams.

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