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Friday-Love! ~ Is That a Weasel in Your Pocket Edition

September 14, 2013 on 5:34 am | In Prophetic Dreams | 30 Comments

You know…

when I look back at that moment I don’t remember how it all happened.

It all went down so fast.

It was like taking some psychadellic drug and having a crazy dream after you fall asleep having knocked back half a bottle of Nyquil and using a Salvador Dali painting for a blanket and leaving the tv on after eating a burrito.

How’s that for an effective metaphor?

You know I dig Friday-Love!

I’m cool with strange love too.

How about some Strange-Friday-Love?


Thassjuswhatchoo need.

Everybody loves some strange love every once in a while.

I think it was just after noon on the streets of Chicago.

That puts it closer to midnight if you go by Grenwich Mean Time.

But this guy…

I think he was celebratin’ Bangkok’s New Year.

Because he was twelve hours early if you go by my watch.

I’d bet all the money I got in the bank that there was no way he was awake for Chicago’s New Year.

He was in the bag at noon.

Which is cool…

because he was walikin’…

and it was New Years Eve…

and because he was a friendly kind of drunk.

Now that I look back on it…

I think dude was out all night celebratin’ New Years Eve Eve.

He asked me where Giordano’s Pizza was.

Dude wanted some deepdish.

Chicago style.

That’s the best deep dish there is.

Obviously the man had taste.

And a friend named Johnny Walker.

What happened next is gonna be a lot of fun for me and my hot therapist to work out over the next few months.

She reminds me of this teacher I had a crush on in the fifth grade.

I tell her that.

She never wants to talk about it though.

I think she has issues or something.

She’s gonna like this one.

She tries not to smile when I tell her about all the weird shit that happens to me…

but I see it.

Secretly I think she wants to go out and shoot some street with me.

Let that ‘inner bad girl’ out.

‘Did you pet the weasel’ I can imagine her asking.

‘How did the weasel make you feel?’

You know I hope you’re feelin’ the love today.

It’s Friday.

Sweet Friday-Love all over you.

Good vibrations.

Strange love.

We made it through the holidays…


now it’s time to getcher freak on and get out and feel the love!

Strange Friday-Love!

Cheese Weasel


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  1. 0531

    They Call Him the Weasel

    Usually when a drunk guy asks me if I wanna see his weasel I head the other way…

    the things Viewminder will do for you!

    Well… you’re gonna hafta check back throughout the day to see where this one goes because I just got a call and I’ve got to go to a meeting…

    He showed me his weasel alright…


    Dancing Weasels

    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  2. seems as if you could’ve gotten a contact high after standing so close to this dude…sheesh!

    Comment by Renee Rendler-Kaplan — September 14, 2013 #

  3. Great shot man!

    Comment by cdb033 Expanding! — September 14, 2013 #

  4. No open flames around this guy!

    Comment by Duane Rapp — September 14, 2013 #

  5. Next thing I know the dude pulls his weasel out of his pocket!

    Pop Pop Goes the Weasel


    "Sigourney Weasel" he says.

    Proving you can find ANYTHING on the internet…

    a musical Tribute to Weasels


    Think you’ve seen it all?

    Check out the wikipedia page for Ferret Legging

    "The world record is five hours and thirty minutes."


    Awwwww c’mere you Hot Weasel

    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  6. Strange-Friday-Love awesomeness!! Will be checking back for the weasel shot…

    Comment by ~ cynthiak ~ — September 14, 2013 #

  7. He seems friendly kind of drunk indeed =)
    It’s a wonderful portrait and I love the others in comment too!

    Comment by Andrezza Dias Haddaway — September 14, 2013 #

  8. 0536

    Unfortunately it appears that the weasel had more to drink than he did.

    Who knew?

    Drunk Weasel

    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  9. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/light_seeker] hehehehe!!! I love that crowd of people coming up behind him! Totally unaware what they are in for!

    Friday love!!!

    Comment by ~ cynthiak ~ — September 14, 2013 #

  10. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/38058941@N00] I love the crowd behind him in this shot!



    SUGAR WEASEL: Badass Clown

    All the ladies love Sugar Weasel!

    I love ‘unconventional career’ choices!

    ‘The world’s oldest profession mixed with clowning.’

    I never thought about it… but clowns do wear some pretty big shoes.

    ‘My sister could do so much better… I don’t see what she sees in this clown!’

    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  11. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/light_seeker] That was a great crowd, wasn’t it? Super fun way to end the year!

    Lotsa Friday-Love!

    Comment by ~ cynthiak ~ — September 14, 2013 #

  12. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/38058941@N00] Yeah it was!

    I hope the weasel made it!

    Too much Friday-Love can be tough…

    You Try Fighting on Two Fronts!


    ‘Stay with me weasel!’ he moaned.

    ‘He’s gone. He’s with Johnny Walker now’ I replied.

    ‘He was a good weasel… and you’ll always have the lack of memories with him’ I said condolently.

    ‘He’d want you to enjoy that Giordano’s deep dish right now.’

    Shave My Weasel


    Guy was in a state of shock.

    He stroked his weasel lovingly.

    ‘This was our SONG ‘ he lamented as he pulled out his ipod and offered me an earbud.

    It was a tender moment between a man and his weasel.

    Sweet Weasel Action


    He reminisced about all the women he’d met because they loved to pet his weasel.

    Then he told me how he’d blow the weasel’s whistle and the weasel’d do all kinds of tricks.

    Like drive a tiny offroad motorcycle

    or play dead when he pretended to shoot him.

    ‘He was the happiest weasel in the whole wide world !


    I LOVE Sugar Weasel!

    Yvonne goes to church every Sunday and she loves Jesus… and she can sure pick a roommate !

    I need a roadtrip to Austin.

    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  13. There are no words. I’m laughing my ass off and wondering if I should call 911 for you or at least make sure you get some ventilation….
    Have a great weekend!

    Comment by andthatswhenIsnapped! — September 14, 2013 #

  14. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashlindsey] Friday-Love!

    You know I think there’s a full moon coming.

    And I know you dug Sugar Weasel.

    I feel like a crazy weekend’s comin’ on.


    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  15. what a great serie here again!!
    I have to come back with really, more ime to read all again with time..
    you are always telling us so much, a big thank you for that!!!
    the portarits are fantastic….
    he is looking like a kind character..and I love the hidden slies in his eyes…

    a really fantastic weekend for you !

    Comment by saeki_41 good bye!!! — September 14, 2013 #

  16. The week that was:



    Too Big Too Fast

    ‘Too Big Too Fast’



    Shattered ~ Death by Cupcakes

    ‘Shattered ~ Death by Cupcakes’

    'Sup Buddy

    ‘Sup Buddy’

    Wintertime Sunshine

    ‘Wintertime Sunshine’

    A Mother's Sorrow

    ‘A Mother’s Sorrow’

    Good Things

    ‘Good Things’

    Goodbye 2011

    ‘Goodbye 2011′

    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  17. nice !!!

    Comment by annegretb — September 14, 2013 #

  18. this one is great! love your writeups!

    Comment by — September 14, 2013 #

  19. ~HI Mr Viewminder~
    You Are A Great Character, But All Your Friends Are Too!!!
    It’s What Makes The World Go Round! And You Have A Wonderful
    Start To 2012!! Keep Up Your Interesting Stories & Keep
    Flicking Those Interesting Pics For Us & Flickr!! Happy 2012~The Best:)

    Comment by Lori Lefebvre — September 14, 2013 #

  20. Have a great weekend View! 8-)

    Comment by turahbird — September 14, 2013 #

  21. This post got some Soul!

    Friday-Love~! :)

    Comment by J C E P O N G — September 14, 2013 #

  22. Funk Soul Brother

    My weapon of choice…

    and Christopher Walkin’s best performance evah!


    Have a great weekend everyone!


    I leave you with some GROOVE ARMADA to get your weekend rolling.

    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  23. beautiful portrait!

    Comment by -.brunah.- — September 14, 2013 #

  24. well, don’t know about the weasel.. but, he does look reasonably happy to see you ;P

    Comment by bytegirl24 — September 14, 2013 #

  25. Your stream…. It’s the best evah!

    Comment by Lisa Jean — September 14, 2013 #

  26. Sooooooo…how did petting his weasel make you feel?

    You make that road trip to Austin and you’re gonna have to show this newb how to shoot some street! :)

    Comment by mynamesdonny — September 14, 2013 #

  27. I gotta hook up and give Sugar Weasel the ‘Viewminder Treatment.’

    Austin sounds like a place I could do some poppin’ Donny!

    My therapist wore the school girl outfit again tonight…

    with these tights that were all snuggly looking…

    I told her I really enjoyed petting the weasel.

    Even though I told her that I had pictures of me stroking the weasel she said she really didn’t need to see them.

    She said that self love is nothing to be ashamed of but that I prolly shouldn’t go around telling everyone about it.

    Comment by Viewminder — September 14, 2013 #

  28. Great series once again!!!

    Comment by Sian74 — September 14, 2013 #

  29. Excellent series, well done.

    Comment by just DM — September 14, 2013 #

  30. love thisss!

    Comment by AshleyLaurenn — September 14, 2013 #

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