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Psychic Dreams? How To Interpret Dreams That Reveal Medium Information WITHOUT Sounding Nuts!

December 28, 2012 on 1:25 am | In Dreaming True, Prophetic Dreams | No Comments

Who else has had a psychic dream? Have you ever had an incredible lucid dream experience that felt hyper real… and learned information that later proved to be true? Have you ever had a visitation experience where someone who has passed on has appeared to you in crystal clear detail… even you knew with every fabric of your being they were NO longer “here” to say hi?

Or like millions of other people, do you have powerfully precognitive dreams that foretell events that DO come to pass, and you simply are afraid to share them with friends and family out of fear of looking like you are lying, nuts or worse?

If you are anything like I once was, having psychic dreams of all types and stripes is a pretty common occurrence. Learning to interpret the information that comes through in those dreams, to establish whether they are clearly psychic, or simply imaginative, is the key to finding your own “truth” and learning from it.

Here is an example:

In my own life, many of my psychic dreams turned out NOT to be true. I’d see things in crystal clear detail that not only didn’t happen… they weren’t even close. I had numerous out of body experiences while in a dreaming state… that I TRULY believed were highly evidential that my spirit had “split” from my physical form… yet, things I saw in those states, and during those experiences turned out NOT to be real. (as in – I’d visit people through my astral body… and report things that weren’t even CLOSE to what was happening in those spots)

And YET…

I’ve also had veridical or validated experiences that are impossible to explain away. I’ve had an OBE that was lucid, clear and highly evidential. I’ve had a powerful, precognitive dream of the death of a loved one SO incredibly powerful… that I got up out of bed at 4 am, got dressed and drove to my office because I couldn’t fall asleep or stop pacing my home. When I got to work… I got a call, completely unexpected… that this loved one has passed away in the middle of the night.

How do we explain these things? And how do we process them so that they are meaningful to our lives… and hopefully, offer an opportunity to grow?

Truthfully? For me, SHARING them is an incredible validation. Writing them down… and putting them out there for the world to see is an incredibly healing, powerful and transformative experience. It reminds me they happened. It reminds me that OTHER stuff that I dreamed, or experienced, didn’t happen. And it opens me up to the magic, and the mystery of NOT having all of the answers. (and uncomfortable place for me in the past… but today, a special spot where MOST big breakthroughs come!)

For you?

Write down your psychic dreams. Write down your ORDINARY dreams, too… when they feel powerful. Think about what your higher self, your sub conscious, or the UNIVERSE is trying to tell you. I believe, much like the great quote – that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and NOT the other way around. My dreams have taught me that… and I hope the very same for you!

Original Author: Alex Holland Full Bio

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