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Reology and Precognition

January 8, 2013 on 4:09 am | In Intuition, Prophetic Dreams | No Comments

Why should Reology be concerned about precognition? Because it is an experience we all have to one extent or another and enables us to better understand our exclusive subjective nature.

In order to understand this, we must first define the word “before” and how it is meant in Reology. In our everyday usage, we use the word before to refer to something that occurred “earlier in time”. In Reology, there is no such thing as earlier in time except as an illusion that gives time physical validity. Since all experience and our awareness of it is instantaneous, saying a thing is before something else means only from the perspective of the physical illusion.

Otherwise these things or experiences are in reality simultaneous, given the appearance of experience in time by our minds to comply with the rules that govern the physical illusion. We each have direct evidence of this in what we call precognition or premonition, where we experience something out of the normal sequence of time as we understand and use it physically.

Who has not experienced the sensation of knowing something before it actually happened? All of a sudden, out of seemingly nowhere, you get a thought. “My sister is going to call”. Then within a relatively short time the phone rings, and it is Sis. Or maybe you get a thought to take an umbrella with you on a perfectly clear, sunny day, and later wind up in a downpour that wasn’t part of the weather forecast.

There are thousands of these little premonitions we experience throughout our lives, and they both amuse us and leave us wondering about them at the same time. What about all the ones we ignore, and wind up regretting it? How do these occur?

In previous articles, we’ve covered the illusionary nature of reality, and how it is not only illusion, but has to be for reality to appear to us as it does. This is a continuation of recognizing those aspects of what we know about the foundational elements of reality and concluding what is obvious there based on the evidence of our completely subjective experience.

All of our observations are subjective and appear from our non physical identity, or consciousness, independent of physical reality. In order for these perceptions to make any sense to us as physical identity however, they must be “organized” to conform to the rules we believe governs physical reality. This means our thoughts must be presented in such a way as to appear compliant with our ideas of what is accepted as real and what is fantasy. These observations means experience must appear “before” the illusion of our physical perception can detect them.

Subjectively, this includes knowing about experience before our physical identity can recognize it, even though it all occurs in this instant. The physical illusion requires time for things to happen, including detecting experience. Our minds have no such limitation. The mind “knows” the only time is right now. If we review quantum entanglement as discussed in previous articles, we know that all things are aware of each other beyond any limits and boundaries. The past, present, and future all occur in this instant, as this is the only point at which we can have awareness.

It is easy for us to comprehend how we can be aware of past events right now. We call it memory. It is not so easy realizing the future can be experienced in the same manner. Here we just think we are experiencing something imaginative.  Yet, every so often, and certainly more then we allow ourselves to be aware of, we get to know about an experience before we think we experience it as real. These premonitions or precognitive thoughts are simply our subjective awareness being perceived before they can become objective appearing experiences.

Some of us are more consistent experiencing these then others, but we all do experience them, as we must. We all know our subjective thoughts before our illusionary objective thoughts, so it is only natural that we should know experience before we have the illusion of physically experiencing it. We also mostly ignore this, because it conflicts with our ideas of being physical, which in this reality is our only focus, our conviction of what is real and what is not. We expect experience to move in a linear progression, where one event leads into another. This is of course the way physical reality is meant to be experienced. Once again, it’s all just Grand Illusion.


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