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What Are Your Car Dreams Trying to Tell You?

March 2, 2010 on 5:13 pm | In Dream Symbols, Interpreting Dreams, Message Dreams, Nightmares, Processing Dreams, Prophetic Dreams | No Comments
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Car dreams can be scary. And they can have a lot of meanings. For example, if you are obsessed with getting a new car, you may dream about them at night. That much is obvious.

But some automobile dreams are puzzling. What caused them is not clear, and you may start thinking that they are premonitions of disaster. But their meaning may not be so simple.

Some people dream of car crashes. Those could be warnings. But if there has been a rash of spectacular wrecks on TV news, we may write off the whole idea. Still it is good to be extra careful when driving anytime.

Dreaming of a malfunctioning car, though, may have very different meanings: metaphor for the body, business or relationships; automobile malfunctions not yet consciously noticed, or…?

Car as metaphor for the body. Your car is your vehicle—-and so is your body. Pay attention to such dreams carefully. They can be warnings about the state of your health.

Car as metaphor for a marriage. I used to dream that I was in the backseat of a speeding car—-and no one was driving. That was during a bad marriage that was lacking in partnership. My spouse was driving our lives recklessly forward with no input from me—and no apparent plan. It was scary.

Car as a metaphor for business or career. Just as we sometimes know there is something wrong with our body or relationships but ignore the signs, we may also miss signs of problems in our company or career. Malfunctioning car dreams may be the tipoff.

Car malfunction as a subliminal perception. Some of us are very aware of our cars on an unconscious level but do not consciously pay enough attention to keeping them in good repair. As Freud said, when speaking of metaphors in dreams, ” Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

If the brakes are wearing out, the tires are a tiny bit lumpy (indicating dangerous wear), or the engine is running rough or using too much gasoline, part of your mind registers that. And dreams are when our unconscious minds have the best chance of communicating with us. So you may be warning yourself to get your car checked before you have a wreck or get stranded somewhere because of a breakdown.

So before you start worrying that your dream of a sputtering engine means that the love of your life is about to leave you, or that the rusty car dream means you could have cancer, check on the obvious. Take care of any car repairs you have been putting off—before they get worse.

The peace of mind is well worth the time and trouble. Once you know your car is safe, you can sleep better—and concentrate on figuring out what your sputtering car dreams mean—-if you still have them. With the car fixed, the troubling car dreams may very well stop.

To ease your mind about finding a good mechanic, take practical steps. Go to the Repair Pal website to find customer reviews and ratings for mechanics and repair shops in your local area, with a list of services and specializations for each one.

So for Chicago auto repair, for example, you can find out which mechanics in your neighborhood specialize in your type of car, such as Toyota Corolla, and other information, such as, for example, why you may need a new water pump.

So if you are having scary car dreams, check it out. It will help you sleep better.

After all, you have better things to dream about.

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