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Psychic Dreams – WARNING! The Types of “Weird” Dreams That MAY Be Psychic

December 24, 2012 on 9:16 am | In Dream Types, Dreamwork, Future Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Message Dreams, Prophetic Dreams | No Comments

Are psychic dreams really possible? Can the future be foretold from images that come to you during deep sleep? Is the future FIXED… or fluid, and can what you experience while NOT conscious be more REAL than what happens when you are awake? In this article we are going to take a brief and interesting look at the amazing world of psychic dreams, and see if we can understand their significance in the broader scope of your life.

Psychic Dreams loosely defined

Any dream that has a powerfully precognitive component and that precedes (and predicts) a future event that DOES come to pass.

Types of psychic dreams

Actually, there are all types. Lucid dreams that foretell future events. Dreams that involve out of body experiences or astral travel. (seeing and visiting other dimensions, or planes of existence… WHILE still feeling real and not “dreamlike”. After death visitation dreams… where a loved one who has passed on appears to you and shares a message. (usually of the “everything is OK variety… but often can be informational in important ways as well)

Simple precognitive dreams where you see something that happens before it does. (even unimportant things… but that seem to suggest the future is not fixed in time)

Dreams that appear “hyper” real, or MORE real than real.

Some even believe that alien abductions stories, and other similar experiences can be lumped into the psychic dream category

In general, a good overview would be:

Any paranormal type of dream with elements of the above… WITH non ordinary states of consciousness like lucidity and that includes some sort of transfer of information that has a “future’ element to it that turns out to be true.

What do psychic dreams mean?

Good question, and it depends on who you ask! Some people believe that these dreams, and their hyper-real characteristics are representative of TRUE reality… and the “real” world that exists when our conscious filters are down. Many believe that during deep sleep… unseen worlds open up to us, and spiritual experiences like being visited by the “dead” or seeing through the illusion of “time” are much easier. (this happens to be MY belief as well)

Others believe that these experiences are simply brain chemicals firing off in random directions during deep sleep… and as such, they construct weird worlds and unexplainable events that make no “real” sense… but, that we try to piece together later to form our concrete view of the world. (I don’t think the actual experiences themselves point in this direction)

The KEY is to use your psychic dreams constructively, and to serve your life

Write them down. Look for meaning! If you have visitation dreams, for example… from loved ones who are “gone”, what does that mean for you? If you can believe that life doesn’t end when the body dies… how does that change your life? If you believe that you have dreams that predict the future accurately, or that foretell events in your life, how does that change the way you look at time… or destiny, or your own KARMA, and whether there is a grand plan to all of “this”?

The truth is… psychic dreams can literally give your life INCREDIBLE meaning if you let them, and open yourself up to the MAGIC, and the mystery. Or… you can simply brush them all under the rug, and pretend they are all meaningless mental gymnastics. It’s up to you… but I can tell you from first hand experience, diving in and finding meaning is A LOT more enlightening, exciting and life changing. (and a lot more FUN to boot!)

Original Author: Danny Fredricks Full Bio WARNING! Don’t get scammed by another “fake” Psychic EVER Again!

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