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May 2, 2014 on 11:35 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

You said you’d like it when the thunderstorms came,
said you’d like it if the thunderstom
just pulled you, piece by piece, away.

I feel as though I made a very subtle realization this summer, over time, and it has now hit me.
I learned this year that I wanted to do something to help people, so I removed myself from the business program and got into the sociology program for this upcoming school year.
Obviously the obvious thing to do, if I want to help people (and getting a sociology degree), would be becoming a counselor or therapist.
I’m beginning to realize that this is not so obvious. There are a lot of really great ways to help people live their day-to-day lives that don’t involve counseling in an office setting. In fact, I think one of purest ways to help someone is to enhance their lives in some way – to inspire them. This is what I’m discovering that I wish to do, somehow.
How I’m going to do this with a sociology degree in 3 years is still a mystery to me.


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  1. Gorgeous clouds <3

    Hmm you could have an office above an art gallery so when people came to see you they would have to admire the gallery first or something haha :P

    Comment by Country Music :) — May 2, 2014 #

  2. this is just so beautiful! (sorry to flood you with comments and favs. xD I just cant stop)

    Comment by Beautiful Madness. — May 2, 2014 #

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