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Symbolic Meaning of Common Dreams (Easy Dream Interpretation)

October 1, 2012 on 7:33 am | In Dream Types | 1 Comment

Have you ever had a dream about your Teeth Falling Out or a dream about Being Chased? How about a bizarre dream of Being Naked or Sitting on the Toilet? These are some of the Common Dreams which I fully explain in this informational booklet.

We all encounter the same type of situations at certain times in our life. And we respond to these situations in similar ways. These ways are made evident in our thinking reflected through certain Common Dreams that we all have.

Full List of Common Dreams:

Teeth Dreams – occur when your thinking is preoccupied with any learning situation.

Being Chased or Monster Dreams – occur when you go through any changes in life which create a sense of foreboding or fear of the unknown.

Naked Dreams – reflect feeling overly exposed or vulnerable in certain situations, but may also reflect a newfound sense of openness.

Wandering or Being Lost – reflect feeling lost, inadequate, ill-equipped, or unprepared in a certain area of life.

Sex Dreams – may or may not be about sex, but they’re always about desire! Desire can be good or bad, and I explain both.

Bathroom Dreams – occur if you’ve developed any type of Toxic Thinking. It could be a certain way of thinking that simply needs to be cleaned up, or something deeper that needs to be expelled.

Flying Dreams – indicate conscious awareness of the Astral Body and conscious involvement in the dream state.

This is the first booklet in a series that I’m writing titled, “Easy Dream Interpretation”. In this series you will learn everything you need to know in order to successfully interpret your dreams and tap into your own Inner Wisdom!

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  1. Every now and then you have a dream and you wonder if there is any meaning and you look it up and you have your answer. Love this book.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 1, 2012 #

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