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Take Note on the Following Issues about your Dreams

March 16, 2011 on 7:41 am | In Dream Types | No Comments

Take Note on the Following Issues about your Dreams

Dreams, nightmares, and recurring dreams- they can have significant meanings in your life.  The important issues about nightmares and dreams- do not be afraid in dealing with them.   Treat them as opportunities and not trauma causing factors of your life.  Dreams and nightmares are usually expressing deep feelings and thoughts that we are unconscious of- they can become scary because its intention is to get your attentions, to get your emotions.

There are important factors you should consider in your Dreams

What are the symbolical representations?  For example, you dream about flying, that flying can have a meaningful representation of yourself in your dreams.  Start from that particular scenario, and take a deeper meaning about it.  Dream symbols are not random.  Take notes on the things that you are seeing in your dreams, it can have a significant meaning in your life; it could even lead you to your emotional healings.


Sounds can also exist in your dreams:  It is known that our senses can come into action actively when we are dreaming.  Our sense of sight, smell, feeling, and hearing capabilities can truly take effect in our dreams.  It is advisable to take notes on the things you may have heard in your dreams.  You can use this to put additional information on your dreams.  Sounds can have a great deal of importance in analyzing your dreams, words that could lead to a deeper understanding of your dreams.  Try to associate those words with the flow of your dreams, interpretation also depends on your feelings about it.


How do you feel about your dreams?  Your emotion will lead you to more meanings about your dreams, what are the symbols for?  How are you going to relate the symbols to your dreams?  Understanding your dreams or nightmares will have a great deal about how you feel about your dreams.  The positive aspect of dreams is that it become a powerful opportunity to tackle issues you had from your past experiences, it is integration of feelings and dreams symbols, to come up with positive result from your nightmares or dreams, and not the opposite.



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