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The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants And Phenomena

August 18, 2013 on 4:32 am | In Dream Books, Dream Types | 2 Comments
The Astral Plane, Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena

The Astral Plane, Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena

A Theosophical Classic describing what the Astral Plane is, its advantages, its dangers, what types of spirits inhabit it, what it is like, and how to get there.

Is astral projection a form of dreaming. Read this classic book and then decide for yourself.

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  1. Manual No.5 Among adepts this remarkable book is simply refered to as “Manual No.5″ (that was it’s old Theosophical Society designation.) When it was penned in 1894 this book was unique. This is because prior to that time all books on the subject were traditionlly written in an obscure and metaphorical manner. Bishop Leadbeater changed all that- he took 19th century scientific objectivism and applied it to the most mystical and subjective of studies. The result is a virtual Baedecker (travel book) of the astral realms. As a result this was the first modern English language text to be included in the permanent collection of the Brotherhood. This book opened, and continues to open, doors. Briefly, this little volume, covers: scenary, inhabitants, and phenomena of the astral realm. Since this is the realm most closely in contact with our own it can be a most useful and practical guide book. For instance, you will find summarised here more real facts on black magicians, elementals, shades, vampires, and werewolves than in many thicker, more modern volumes. Indeed, a pocket sized hard cover of this manual is quite convenient to carrry at all times as a review, and passport….

    Comment by OAKSHAMAN "oakshaman" — August 18, 2013 #

  2. A True Clairvoyant’s Vision! Reading CWL is like walking onto a cloud or getting lost in a dream. He literally takes you in alternate universes of thought and once you wake up, you are never the same again. Leadbeater is a must read for every occult student and this book is a good one!

    Comment by Abraxus — August 18, 2013 #

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