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The Dream Power Journal: A System for Organizing Your Dreams to Enhance Your Life

July 3, 2013 on 6:33 am | In Dream Journals, Dream Types, Dreamwork | 2 Comments
 The Dream Power Journal

The Dream Power Journal

Based on over 20 years of experience as a dream analyst and having read and worked with more than 55,000 dreams, Cynthia Richmond has created the perfect system for getting the most value from our dreams, The Dream Power Journal.

Our nightly dramas offer guidance, inspiration and perspective that can increase the quality of our waking lives. However they are most often fleeting, dissolving as we wake each day. Taking a few moments to jot them down is essential to dreamwork.

Following the guidance of our dreams can enhance our relationships, career, hobbies, health and spiritual growth. This journal makes it easy to decode the language of dreams. It shows the reader how to incubate dreams for problem solving and for intentional purposes.

The Dream Power Journal is the first ever to include a Dream Log, a place where the dreamer gives each dream a relevant title and writes it down with the date and appropriate page number. This allows him or her to easily cross-reference similarly themed dreams.

Comparing and contrasting dreams with the same symbols or actions can greatly enhance the understanding of their meanings. All areas of life have benefitted from the inspiration of nocturnal dramas, medicine, science, the arts, sports, literature, religion, spirituality and philosophy included.

Cynthia Richmond was called: “One of the country’s foremost authorities on dreams and their meanings.” by Entertainment Tonight and by Gayle King on the Oprah Sirius XM Radio Network. Her book Dream Power, How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life was published by Simon & Schuster in 2001. She had long running columns in the Los Angeles Times and the Arizona Republic.

Beautiful and easy to use, The Dream Power Journal includes a dictionary of some of the most common dream symbols and their generally accepted meanings. It is a must-have for every person who wants to enhance the quality of their life while gleaning the guidance from their own subconscious mind and their spirit.

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  1. A wonderful aid to your growth. I have long made a practice of writing my dreams in a journal and find that having them organized as this book encourages one to do is a great help. It has me more faithfully recording my dreams as I would often forget to do it. I keep it at my bedside and sometimes waken from a dream in the middle of the night and can quickly record what I remember and then go back to sleep. The next morning, when I review what I wrote during the night, I recall more details of the dream.I also find it very helpful to contemplate the questions posed by Cynthia, particularly those to ask before going to bed. An example is, “Do you want to set a dream intention? Or ask a question?” I’ve often gotten answers to my questions and it has helped me in my life. I highly recommend this book.And be sure to get her first book, “Dream Power’ too. Lots of valuable information in that one as well.

    Comment by V. Lloyd — July 3, 2013 #

  2. The latest on how to keep excellent records of your dreams and more Cynthia has led a dream group for about 15 of us for over 7 years and this new book has been the best tool for recording my personal dreams I have ever found. The questions are fabulous for getting a focus on the deeper meanings my dreams are revealing, not to mention being able to review them with Cynthia personally in our group. I find it highly useful in the orderly way she has done it and I can always go back and review later as dreams can be so connected and you can see progress in your evolution because of the sequential order of the great way to explore the dream through Cynthia Richmond’s well thought out book! She is the best dream interpreter and consistently so even over many years. Cynthia still amazes and surprises me with her insight, intuition, and actual endless knowledge of dreams and their meanings.Dottie Webster Sedona, AZ.

    Comment by Dottie Webster — July 3, 2013 #

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