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The Dream Seer: Exploring Precognitive, Telepathic and Instructive Dreams

June 29, 2013 on 5:35 pm | In Dream Types | 1 Comment

Using The Dream Seer: . Explore what is possibly the largest individual collection of predictive and telepathic dreams ever published. . Read analysis, interpretation, and verification of these powerful dreams. . Realize the importance of the individual dreamer’s history and symbology. . Experience first hand real life dreams that correctly predicted stock market moves, political events, family deaths, health concerns; and, provided spiritual insights, and telepathic connections with friends and family. . Learn how to recognize precognitive and telepathic information. . Increase self-awareness, spiritual development and inner guidance. . Witness the superconscious connection in instructive and spiritual dreams. . See how a series of dreams can come in progression on a single topic. . Develop balance and perspective in applying these special dreams. . Enjoy a practical, well-organized presentation that simplifies use. . Use as a resource to study precognitive, telepathic, and instructive dreams. . Apply this information to your own dream process.

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  1. This is an interesting book to read if you are interested in dreams and how to interpret them. The author is knowledgeable on the subject but devotes a lot of her book on her own dreams of losing her daughter and how she used her dreams to predict the stock market gains. I would have liked to learn more about interpreting dreams in general instead of the personal dreams of the author. Still it does have some helpful dream cases of others that may be beneficial in your search to better understand your dreams.

    Comment by Anonymous — June 29, 2013 #

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