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The Dreaming

July 31, 2013 on 11:31 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Set in the untamed landscape of mid-nineteenth century Australia, The Dreaming is a rich and potent tale of hidden passion and broken taboo.

Australia, 1871—Following her mother’s sudden death, Joanna Drury sets sail from India and arrives in Melbourne to claim the property left to her by her mother—and to trace the mysteries of her family’s past.

From her first steps on shore, Joanna becomes entangled with a lost boy who leads her to the fascinating Hugh Westbrook. She agrees to look after the child in exchange for Hugh’s help in finding her inheritance. But she falls deeply in love with Hugh and with life at his sheep station, Merinda.

When strange nightmares begin to plague her—the same that tormented her mother—Joanna starts to notice the Aborigines’ strange reaction to her. Delving into Australia’s past, she discovers the tragic events that have marked her family’s destiny and her own life, events that happened long ago in the time the Aborigines call “the Dreaming.”

Full of intriguing historical detail, Wood’s compelling story brings the clash of immigrant and Aboriginal cultures to stunning life, capturing the danger, mystery, and romance of an emerging country.

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  1. Hooked on this author!!! Adding to everyone else’s comments all I can say is that I could not put this book down. I know I am going to read this book again in the future. I recently purchased the paperback at my local second hand bookstore without any recommendations. However, now I am going to recommend this author to everyone I know.

    Comment by "smmairs" — July 31, 2013 #

  2. Regretfully Loaned It Away! I read this novel years ago, when the mass paperback was just in print. It just caught my eye and became one of the most rewarding surprises I’ve ever had in reading. I wish I could say I completely remembered the story, but I will never forget the descriptions of the Outback, the journey and the Songlines, the glimpses into the Aboriginal culture. It is an historical novel, and an athropological novel. I loaned it to a friend studying anthropology who has since moved, taking it with her!

    Comment by Martha E. Nelson — July 31, 2013 #

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