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The Interpretation of Dreams

March 17, 2014 on 4:31 pm | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS is a book by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. The book introduces Freud’s theory of the unconscious with respect to dream interpretation, and also first discusses what would later become the theory of the Oedipus complex. Dreams, in Freud’s view, are all forms of “wish fulfillment” attempts by the unconscious to resolve a conflict of some sort, whether something recent or something from the recesses of the past (later in Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Freud would discuss dreams which do not appear to be wish-fulfillment). Because the information in the unconscious is in an unruly and often disturbing form, a “censor” in the preconscious will not allow it to pass unaltered into the conscious.

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  1. Important Classic Work 0

    Comment by Steve Proctor — March 17, 2014 #

  2. An Excellent Manual for Reading Plato’s Original Text 0

    Comment by IK JONG LEE — March 17, 2014 #

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    Comment by Mauro A. Rinaldi — March 17, 2014 #

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