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The Origin of Native American Dream Catchers

March 17, 2011 on 6:32 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments

Hanging a Native American dream catcher near your bed or bedroom window will help guarantee that bad dreams will be less likely to reach you. Dreams, both good and bad, flow all about us during the night, like moths. In order to assure that bad dreams do not disturb you, count on the dream catcher to intercept and hold these nightmares. The morning sun will cause any trapped bad dreams, caught in the dream catcher, to dissipate.

Native American dream catchers are usually made of a circle or hoop of willow enclosing woven sinew strands. Good dreams filter down to the sleeper through the means of feathers and beads which hang from the base of the willow hoop. Household items, anything that might be beneficial, are sometimes hung from the bottom of the dream catcher. Many people believe that the webbing will trap bad dreams and nightmares. When the morning light appears, the bad dreams seem to disappear.

The woven netting in the center of the dream catcher hoop mirrors a spider’s web. Most times, dream catchers are constructed in a way that the interior resembles a spider’s web. Where the netting is attached, traditional Native American dream catchers often have eight points. This demonstrates the eight legs of the spider spinner. Placing a feather in the center of the webbing is a symbol of air.

The art of the Indian dream catcher began with the Ojibwa, or Chippewa, tribes. This old practise was originally meant to protect young children. Bad dreams can easily disturb a youngster’s sleep and the night can be a frightening time for any child. Sleepy children can be comforted by the simple act of placing a dream catcher over the head of their bed.

Native American dream catchers soon spread far beyond the Ojibwa, and were adopted by the other nations. For generations, Indian children, as well as adults, have been protected from bad dreams by dream catchers. This interesting item and the growth and interest in Native American culture has made the dream catcher popular. Native American dream catchers can now be purchased for your home. Authentically made dream catchers will add a touch of Native American life to your home.

Dream catchers made by Native Americans will use traditional materials and be created with the proper spirit. Sometimes, they are even used in windows to add beauty to the home. A dream catcher above every bed in the house can add a measure of comfort and security to the entire family.

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