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The Secret History of Dreaming

October 4, 2012 on 8:31 pm | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

Dreaming is vital to the human story. It is essential to our survival and evolution, to creative endeavors in every field, and, quite simply, to getting us through our daily lives. All of us dream. Now Robert Moss shows us how dreams have shaped world events and why deepening our conscious engagement with dreaming is crucial for our future. He traces the strands of dreams through archival records and well-known writings, weaving remarkable yet true accounts of historical figures who were influenced by their dreams. In this wide-ranging, visionary book, Moss creates a new way to explore history and consciousness, combining the storytelling skills of a bestselling novelist with the research acumen of a scholar of ancient history and the personal experience of an active dreamer.

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  1. Impressive scholarship that helps “fill in the blanks” of history Trailblazer Robert Moss has written a masterful combination of scholarship, story, historical fact, and guidance for living in our turbulent current times. It’s an important addition to his previously published books, all of which I’ve found to be excellent. The “understory” of how dreams have shaped history not only makes for fascinating and enlightening reading, it also fosters imagination about how we can create a positive future by tending to our dreams in a consciously active way. I’m especially inspired by the chapter about Joan of Arc and the Tree-Seers, with its story about how this remarkable peasant woman drew her strength from nature and dreams. And the epilogue left me feeling encouraged and empowered by the power of dreaming–humanity’s common denominator.

    Comment by Robyn Johnson — October 4, 2012 #

  2. Proof of the Marvelous Value of Dreams This fascinating and entertaining book is for everyone, and is especially informative for anyone who may doubt the value of dreaming. These are true accounts of amazing events, many that have directly influenced the lives of countless people in complex ways. If you believe in the power of dreams and the importance of taking action on your “Big Dreams”, you will be inspired. If you haven’t taken your dreams seriously, after reading this book you will find yourself introduced to a world of possibility you’ve never imagined, a real source of wisdom within us all. A beautiful read.

    Comment by Jane Carleton — October 4, 2012 #

  3. Restoring the Missing Dimension of Dreaming THE SECRET HISTORY OF DREAMING is an absolutely “must have” brilliant book that touches that place in our soul that most wants to understand all that is and all that has brought us to where we stand today and where we are going tomorrow.Robert Moss – standing firmly on the foundation of original scholarly research – peels back the shallow skin of history, made dry and brittle in the omission of dreaming, and reveals the secret places in the mind where the creative imagination comes alive. Robert synthesizes a vast repertoire of historic records from the oldest dream of Dumuzi through a fluid time-line of spies, statesmen, writers, scientists, warriors, and creative artists, restoring the roots, rhythm and role of dreaming as the missing dimension that drives our understanding of science and literature, war and religion, medicine, romance and intrigue, the most beautiful and the most terrible events that chronicle our survival and the survival of our world – and with superb clarity delivers the past we need: the lessons and knowledge that will serve and sustain humanity and further its evolution.

    Comment by Wanda Burch "Wanda Burch" — October 4, 2012 #

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