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The Shape of Things to Come

December 22, 2013 on 11:35 pm | In Dream Research, Dream Types, Dreamers | 1 Comment

First published by Random House Australia, The Shape of Things to Come is the extraordinary story of a scientist’s quest to understand her ability to see future events in her dreams. Drawing on current breakthroughs in modern science, this fascinating exploration of precognition is guaranteed to change your perceptions of reality and persuade you that not only is it possible to predict the future, but it’s possible to change it too.

Jane Teresa Anderson’s ground-breaking research provides a scientific explanation for precognition – the knowledge of future events. To do this she takes the reader on a truly compelling tour through telepathy, clairvoyancy, hypnosis, synchronicity and quantum physics.

You will meet some of the fifty precognitive dreamers and visionaries she interviewed along the way, and discover that their extraordinary experiences cannot be dismissed as random events or chance. Four esteemed professional clairvoyants tell of their own experiences, hopes, fears and philosophies while Jane acts the detective and weighs up the body of evidence. On her incredible journey Jane also raises vital questions about predetermination, free will and the nature of god.

Reality, as you think you know it, will never be the same again.

Hypnotised into the future:

Jane Teresa:
“It was during my research for this book that I decided on this experiment. I knew that people had visited their past under hypnosis, and I wanted to see if I could visit my future in this way. My book was about time and the way in which some dreams access the future, so I wanted to explore the nature of time and the future.

I worked with a hypnotherapist for six sessions. In the earlier sessions I simply aimed to visit my future, record it, then wait and see what actually happened. We got some very interesting results! The question became ‘Is the future fixed or are we creating it?’ I designed the later sessions to explore this. Under hypnosis I experimented with manifesting specific future details in my life.”

If you have enjoyed The Secret, this book will intrigue you.


Jane Teresa Anderson BSc Hons is an internationally acclaimed dream analyst, dream therapist, and dream alchemist living in Brisbane, Australia, consulting worldwide through her website at www.dream.net.au and blogging at www.JaneTeresa.com.

Published by Hachette, Random House, and Harper Collins, Jane Teresa is the author of six books including Dream Alchemy, a frequent guest on national television, and an accomplished radio dream talk-back expert, interpreting callers’ dreams for more than 1,500 shows. She also hosts a monthly podcast, The Dream Show, at TheDreamShow.TV

With an Honours degree in Zoology specialising in neurophysiology from the University of Glasgow, (graduating as Jane Teresa Newton), Jane Teresa has been researching dreams since 1992, and developing and teaching dream alchemy practices (exercises) that transform unconscious limiting beliefs.

As a dream analyst, Jane Teresa is able to reveal a dreamer’s unconscious mindset and show how this is affecting the dreamer’s waking life. As a dream alchemist and dream therapist, she is able to create exercises based on this insight – simple exercises using the dreamer’s personal dream symbols – to help transform the dreamer’s mindset for more enriching outcomes.

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  1. The book that sparked my interest in dream analysis This was the first book by JTA that I read and it began my long-term interest in dream analysis and how the insights from dreams can be used in everyday life. It covers Jane’s exploration of dream interpretation and shows the development of her understanding and unique approach to dream symbolism. Where other books give formulas and standard symbols for dream interpretation, Jane makes dream analysis personal, linked to your life and the people in it, rather than some universal (and often irrelevant) set of symbols. A great introduction to dreams and how to use them.

    Comment by tricialesley — December 22, 2013 #

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