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The Two Week Lucid Dreamer

January 22, 2013 on 2:36 am | In Dream Types, Lucid Dreams | 3 Comments

The Two-Week Lucid Dreamer

The Two-Week Lucid Dreamer

The Two Week Lucid Dreamer is an accelerated course targeted for lucid dreaming beginners who are looking for the fast-track to dreaming consciously. The course includes eBook with step-by-step instructions on how to dream consciously in two weeks or less. As a bonus, two lucid dreaming induction MP3′s + cheat sheet are included. Additionally, a bonus chapter with advanced techniques is included.

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is being aware you are dreaming while dreaming. For first-time lucid dreamers, this usually happens due to a strange occurrence in the dream, such as flying or seeing a strange creature appear. Some first-time lucid dreamers are able to stay in this dream for a while, but many become disturbed and wake up from the dream.

Why did I create the course?

I have been researching and experimenting with lucid dreaming for the last decade. But I was no natural lucid dreamer. For most of those years, I was only able to have lucid dreams sporadically. It wasn’t until this past year that I perfected my own techniques for consistent lucid dreaming. I read countless books/eBooks on lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, and sleep. I tested many induction techniques and over a dozen dream supplements as well.

What did I find out? Lucid dreaming isn’t rocket science. There are proven techniques out there that anyone can put to use. I use these techniques to have lucid dreams whenever I want, almost every night. This has significantly improved my waking life.

What does the course include?

* The Two Week Lucid Dreamer eBook- step by step instructions on how to dream consciously in two weeks
* Lucid Dreaming Beginner MP3 with isochronic tones (Binaural Beats) for lucid dream induction
* This is the latest technology in Brainwave Entrainment
* Bonus: Advanced Lucid Dreaming Techniques- weeks 3 and 4 include advanced techniques for lucid dreaming
* Bonus: Lucid Dreaming Advanced MP3 with isochronic tones (Binaural Beats) for lucid dream induction
* Bonus: Lucid Dreaming Cheat Sheet- keep this near your bed to review before you go to sleep

What can you expect after taking the course?

After you’ve read the manual, followed the daily exercises, listened to the MP3, used the cheat sheet, and followed the techniques persistently, soon enough you will:

1. Have your first lucid dream. This is an important first step in learning to have lucid dreams on a consistent basis. You will likely be filled with excitement for several days after this, and want to have more lucid dreams.

2. Begin having lucid dreams more frequently. People usually report having lucid dreams 10-15 times per month at this stage.

3. Be able to have a lucid dream whenever you want. At this stage, you will be able to tell yourself the night before that you would like to have a lucid dream. And you will have a lucid dream that night, consistently.

“I use the techniques described in this course to have lucid dreams whenever I want, almost every night. This has significantly improved both my dream life and waking life. Using this course, you have lucid dreams as well, in two weeks or less.” -Derek Ralston of LifeEvolver.Com

“I hadn’t had lucid dreams for several years, and decided to give this course a try. I was very pleased, and experienced results within the first week of using The Two Week Lucid Dreamer.” Thank you! – Jared M. of Overland Park, KS

“I have read some books about Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection before. They are all very wordy and I had to go through a lot of “bla bla bla” before I got to the point that really matters. I found The Two Week Lucid Dreamer very straight to the point and very easy to read and understand.” – Henrique G. of Jersey City, NJ

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  1. The Two-week Lucid Dreamer - ‘I have been using The Two Week Lucid Dreamer course, which I downloaded to my Kindle, for several days. I am taking a little longer than two weeks as I try to consolidate each step before moving on to the next one. Like the previous reviewer, I too like the structure of the course and have found the instructions easy to understand and to implement. I realize that this is only the beginning and achieving full Lucid Dreaming will take much commitment and practice but I feel very encouraged with the results so far. Derek Ralston, the author, has been most helpful with his comments and advice. I thoroughly recommend this course for those who have a serious intention to achieve better dream recall and Lucid Dreaming.’

    Comment by Jeremy Shaw — January 22, 2013 #

  2. Lucid Dreamer eBook I have an extreme interest in lucid dreaming and really enjoyed this eBook. The detailed dream supplement section was my favorite part and gave me some new things to try. It’s really cool to be able to download directly to my Kindle. I prefer the structured 2 week approach with detailed instruction versus other available eBooks on lucid dreaming. The bonus mp3s and cheat sheet were helpful too.

    Comment by Dream Grl — January 22, 2013 #

  3. Very useful and practical A lot of new things which I didn’t now before… The combination of techniques are interesting, author definitely has an experience and very good share it with us.

    Comment by Pavel Kuzmin — January 22, 2013 #

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