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Turning Your Dream Business into a Reality!: A Marketing Guide for Massage Therapists and Other Health Professionals

October 2, 2013 on 11:32 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

***For a FREE chapter go to: http://massagetherapy-marketing.com/Tina/ Open your business doors and they will come! Right? Create a Facebook page and you will attract “likes” and have great interaction, right? Wrong! Most entrepreneurs, including myself, at one point, think this way. So what now? How do you bring clients in your door and get “likes” on your page? This marketing book guides you through the process of creating your dream business. My goal is to encourage Massage Therapists, health professionals and small business owners to make a plan and start your business on a solid foundation, or reassess your existing business in order for you to build and grow it stronger and more successfully. Marketing is just as important as your Massage Therapy knowledge and skills, because without marketing no one will find you. Once you have figured out who your “ideal customer” is, then you need to determine the marketing material to use to reach them and how to master your marketing message. So now, you have clients, it is just as important to retain them and to have them become part of your Word-of-Mouth marketing team. Everything you do requires daily action, engagement and connection with your “ideal customer”. This marketing book aims to guide you in making a strategic marketing plan; to help you build and grow your business, so if you want to turn dream into a reality buy this marketing guide now!

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  1. Excellent business guide! I am not in the Massage Therapy business but I read this book anyway. The author shares so much practical advice that can be applied to ANY business. I found it so worthwhile and am inspired to put into action some of these principles for my own business.And if you are in the Massage Therapy business, I can’t imagine a more helpful book for how to get started and how to succeed. I think the author covers everything you would need to know: setting up a clinic, marketing and networking, dealing with cancellations, finding clients, pricing, social media and websites, business accounts, hygiene, and a whole lot more. Again, I find it possible to apply quite a lot of this to my own endeavors.I particularly liked how she shared so honestly her own struggles and the sections on mindset (especially as it applied to money). The style of writing is very conversational so it was a quick and easy book to read. And with the wealth of information provided, it’s definitely worth reading for anyone looking for fresh ideas that might help their business succeed.

    Comment by LJ — October 2, 2013 #

  2. Amazing Book This book does exactly what the title says it would do. It tells you in a simple and practical way how to turn your dreams into a reality. Everyone has a dream job, but once you get trained and open up shop, the clients just wont come flowing in. “Build it and they will come” is seldom a true saying. I can’t wait to start implementing the knowledge i have learnt here. I will start by cherishing the clients i allready have, just as the book says.

    Comment by Mackomeh — October 2, 2013 #

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