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Turning Your Dream Business into a Reality!: A Marketing Guide for Massage Therapists and Other Health Professsionals

March 19, 2015 on 3:35 am | In Dream Types | 3 Comments

“Hi I just wanted to touch base. I am enjoying reading your book and I’m just about done with it. I think it is an excellent guide, especially for new therapist. I love how you share your personal experiences through out the book it is a window into the making and building of a successful practice. Too often I’ve seen other therapist give their secrets to building a successful practice, and they make it look so easy, but yours is practical and wonderful to read. I’m now on page 101 and will let you know when I’m done. again thanks for sharing!…I did finish the book and loved it, it is big reason why I feel so inspired now! I needed to hear your fresh ideas and your personal experiences made me feel as if I wasn’t alone in the struggle of starting a new business. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your hard work with me. “Shirley, LMT

Open your business doors and they will come! Right?

Create a Facebook page and you will attract “likes” and have great interaction, right? Wrong!

Most entrepreneurs, including myself, at one point, think this way. So what now?

Read this book, talk to other massage therapists, watch YouTube videos, hire someone to do it for you but whatever you do, don’t throw your hands in the air and do nothing.

How do you bring clients in your door and get “likes” on your page?

This marketing book guides you through the process of creating your dream business by not just focusing on the tactics like putting up flyers, creating contests, discounting or adding to your services. This book focuses on getting you, the business owner prepared for the journey ahead. It focuses on the strategy and plan you need to make in order to become successful.

I have broken the book into 4 sections so you skip those that you don’t feel are necessary but I highly recommend going through the entire book. It is all important.

My goal is to encourage Massage Therapists, health professionals and small business owners and other authors to make a plan and start your business on a solid foundation, or reassess your existing business in order for you to build and grow it stronger and more successfully. It is geared mostly to graduating therapists or those that are considering opening your own business. I tell you the hard, cold truth that it takes time, energy and committment and things will not happen over night, typically.

Marketing is just as important as your knowledge and skills, because without marketing no one will find you.

Once you have figured out who your “ideal customer” is, then you need to determine the marketing material to use to reach them and how to master your marketing message.

Once you have clients I discuss the importance of retaining them and to have them become part of your Word-of-Mouth marketing team.

Everything you do requires daily action, engagement and connection with your “ideal customer”.

This marketing book aims to guide you in making a strategic marketing plan; to help you build and grow your business, so if you want to turn dream into a reality buy this marketing guide now!

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